Fear Itself

Season 1 Episode 7


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jul 24, 2008 on NBC

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  • Bottom-line: always read the contract before you sign it.

    "Community" was... almost reasonable. Nice try, but didn't work. Scored 6 just because of Brandon Routh.

    It tells the story of a beautiful young couple in their middle twenties("Superman" Brandon Routh and Shiri Appleby from "Roswell") eager for a child and a house outside of town. They eventually find the perfect house in a very perfect condo with it's very perfect neighbourhood in the suburbs. In their eagerness to move into the new house, they rush to sign the contract without even reading it. Well, from now on i think you can figure what's about to happen: they realize the so-called perfect community is not that perfect at all, and to keep it as it is they play by their own very unorthodox book of rules, and then it all goes awry.

    I found the story unoriginal and bland. Horror fans will dislike it because there's no supernatural element to it. It also fails to build any suspense given it's predictability. The regular "twist" in the end is not "twisted" enough. I must also say i found Appleby's character rather annoying and whiny, not to say totally clueless. Plus, hers was so inconsistent with Brandon Routh's character that i just could not buy them as a happy couple either. But not all that is bad is all bad. Brandon Routh was brilliant and very well-succeeded in portaying the unbearable fear of losing your dearest ones. He really got to it, and held the episode alone himself.