Fear Itself

Season 1 Episode 3

Family Man

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jun 19, 2008 on NBC

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  • Thank You Daniel Knauf for pulling this show out of it's slump!

    This was going to be it... One more crappy episode and I was done with this show... But thanks to Daniel Knauf's great script and Colin Ferguson's great acting this show has been saved in my opinion.

    I thought this episode was a fresh take on the body swapping plot, but mostly I thought that what this episode accomplished that the first two did not was creating characters that we cared about!

    Anyone who says you can't tell a complete story in an hour should watch this episode...

    I thought that Clifton Collins Jr. was excellent... I was really rooting for him and Colin Ferguson, poor guy, I felt so bad for him... These are the things that take a story from good to great.

    I'm hoping that this starts a trend for the series and am looking forward to John Landis' episode next week
  • The twist at the end saved this episode.

    I was not impressed by this episode. It started off decently, I suppose. The car crash really made me jump. It caught me by surprise. But the episode absolutely dragged after that. Okay, these guys have switched bodies. This premise is not original at all but I'm okay with remakes and copycats, as long as they're well done. Most of this episode was basically the bad guy taunting the good guy, who was stuck behind bars. It really felt like nothing happened. This episode could have been compressed into a half hour; that's how uneventful the episode was.

    It bothered me that these guys switched bodies and Dennis suddenly spoke differently. Even if he switched into the other guy's body, shouldn't he have spoken with the same accent and used the same language? I'm not sure how the criminal spoke before (but I can guess), but he definitely didn't have an issue imitating Dennis' way of speaking. This just wasn't very believable to me.

    There was not one scary moment in the entire episode. Not one. It seems that the guest directors don't realize that the name of this show is "Fear Itself". Why promote a show as scary, even give it a title that exemplifies the word "scary", if it's not going to be scary?

    I know that some may think I am being harsh but this show has been a tremendous disappointment. I've continued watching because I know that different people have worked on different episodes. But it's just not worth it.

    I will be watching next week simply because I'm a huge fan of James Roday. Psych is my favorite show. John Landis will direct and I hope he can save this show. So far, I am far from impressed by the episodes.
  • It seems the series will finally pick up the pace!

    I saw the first two episode of the series and although at certain degree I liked them, I think this one is the one that will make the viewers stick around for a while more...

    The plot has been done before (the last incarnation of the Twilight Zone had an episode similar) but these time I really felt bad for the main character, you know from the beginning things are going to end bad, and they did.

    The twist at the end saved the episode and although it was predictable, it had been built up to an inevitable conclusion that will leave even the more cynic with a eerie feeling.
  • great episode!

    This episode is basically about a churchgoing father and husband who gets into a serious car accident one day. Unfortunately, a serial killer is in the same hospital he is in, and some how they switch bodies and survive. This episode then focuses on the father (stuck in the serial killer's body) trying to switch places. [SPOILER!] the father pretends to lead police to the other bodies he's buried (in exchange for life in prison) but manages to escape and runs to his house. He confronts the serial killer and they fight. One of the police/sheriff followed the father (still in the SK's body) and shoots and kills him. When the father comes to, he is back in his own body only to have police tell him his family is dead.
    This episode is much like "The Twilight Zone" show from the 1960s, up until the last second.
  • Brilliant episode.

    Now I know the whole 'switching bodies' concept has been done many times before.
    Fear Itself really goes above all other shows when it comes to the supernatural. This episode wasn't any different.

    I couldn't imagine switching bodies with another person and watch as they pretend to be you while you're stuck in jail.

    And the ending of the episode!
    Just wow.

    To go through what he went through only to have that happen in the end it utterly heart wrenching.

    Overall, I really love this episode.

    I hope to see many more episodes like this in the future.
    Ones that really mess with my head and what not.
  • Much better =)

    Well tonight one of my favorite TV actors, Colin Ferguson, took on a role on the show, as a family man who gets switched into a body of a serial killer. We see a lot of Christian values in this episode the main one being redemption as the serial killer vows that he is going to try and redeem himself from the crimes that he committed and try to see this "second chance that God gave him" to have a decent family and do things right. Besides that, the two things I really liked about this episode was the dream sequence with the little girl and I have to admit the ending did bump up my rating for this episode a lot. To me it wasn't that predictable this time around versus the other two entries in the series.
  • The best "Fear Itself" episode. Good story, great acting. What are you willing to do to protect your loved ones? You may miss the series, but not this episode.

    With "Family Man" this unpretentious horror anthology has proved the point of it's catch line (which was quoted from F.D.Roosevelt), "You have nothing to fear but fear itself".

    The episode was, clearly, purely about FEAR. Not specific fear, not the scare, jump of the couch and scream kind of fear, not like fear of the dark, or monsters in the closet, but the fear feeling itself, the unbearable torment, and what it can make us do. Everyone has his own worst nightmare, and in that line of thinking we can say fear is very subjective and personal. That's why some people laugh out loud watching ghost movies, while others are scared to death of it. Well, common sense says the vast majority of the population would agree that losing their family is a horrible idea (except if you're a psycho), which, finally, brings us to the Family Man plot:

    So...we are introduced to Dennis Mahoney and his happy family. He suffers an accident and while in the hospital, where he unwillignly switches body with an infamous serial killer. Take that, and after both are fully recovered, Dennis Mahoney is sent to jail, while the assassin returns home safely, period. I believe everyone who watches a horror show promptly anticipates a certain kind of ending, so i'll quit spoiling from now on. For good, i'll just say that, whatever it is that happens as the story unfolds and whetever the ending is, it indeed succeeds in making the viewer feel in the flesh all the torment and the anguish going through the protagonist's mind. It's disturbing, it tickles you in and annoying way. Colin Ferguson ("Eureka") plays the main character, Dennis Mahoney, and his acting is magistral and majorly responsible for this episode's high achievement's.
  • AWFULL, AWFULL, AWFUL, Just plain Awful

    This was the WORST CONCEPT EVER, The good guy losing twice. Just terrible. It was so bad it left me angry, violently angry. The whole episode I was expecting them to switch and have a good ending, but now in the end Daddy is the killer. What was the point of this episode, to take a Good person, Church going, family man and completely screw up his life. I am not a person who gets freaked out easily, in fact I LOVE sick, uncomfortable things. But this just struck me as just plain wrong on so many levels. The previous episodes were very good, I hope this is not just going to turn into a shock and aw, lets see how far we can push the envelope.

    As I said, I did not like this episode one bit, It did not have a good flow, I was trying to figure things out. I would have NEVER expected that Kind of ending.