Fear Itself

Season 1 Episode 4

In Sickness and in Health

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jun 26, 2008 on NBC
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In Sickness and in Health
A bride learns from a mysterious note that her soon-to-be-husband is possibly a serial killer.

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  • Bad...Just Bad

    Wow! this episode was horrible. Everything about the episode was stupid and predictable. I would rather shoot myself in the face several times and then light myself on fire than watch this episode again. Nothing about the episode reedemmed it and after a few minutes i felt like the director just yelled **** it!" and then shot himself in the head. Studies show that 90% of the population killed themselves after watching this episode. On the walls, in blood were the words "Why God Why?" anyways this episode sucked just like the last one and the one before that. This show really needs to get bettermoreless
  • not worth it for psych fans

    i am not familiar with this series, and the only watched it because the actors from psych (james roday, maggie lawson) were in it. If you watched it for these reasons, don't bother. this episode is nothing like psych. First of all, the acting is terrible. roday and lawson not nearly as good as they are in psych. also, i didn't get half the plot, especially that twist ending. I think they just tacked it on there at the end because they needed a twist. apparantly, they needed one that was totally confusing and impossible to understand. was sam (lawson) actually the serial killer? was it her groom (roday)? Or was it that creepy brother guy? Honestly, i watched the ending over again about 5 times and still never got it. so if you are like me and watching this episode because you like psych, don't bother. It is not worth it.moreless
  • 104

    What do you get when you have a very Twilight Zone like story and two stars from Psych? Tonight's episode of Fear Itself.

    While I saw the twist ending coming from a mile away (the note actually should have gone to Carlos) that does not mean it was not a great hour of television. Networks tried to restore the horror series with shows like this, Masters of Science Fiction and Nightmares and Dreamscapes, but for some reason people just did not tune in.

    I hope soon a channel will give it another go, but despite the poor ratings, Fear Itself was a very enjoyable series.moreless
  • It's fair and doesen't hurt to watch, this series wouldn't miss it much. Scores 4 points for James Roday, 1 point for Maggie Lawson, 1 point for William B. Davis and 0,5 for the episode effort.moreless

    Scores 4 points for James Roday, 1 point for Maggie Lawson, 1 point for William B. Davis and 0,5 for the episode effort.

    (warning: contains spoilers!)

    We have a disfunctional family composed by 2 siblings, Samantha(the Bride)and Steven, both of them psycho-killers apparently with Dissociative Personality Disorder. They target Samantha's dates. After Samantha gets engaged her brother Steven dresses as a woman, flirts with them grooms and starts to stalk them, ultimately delivering them a note(anonymous) saying they are about to marry to a serial killer. That causes them to ditch on Samantha and thereafter the twisted siblings manage to kill them and keep their heads as a trofee in big jam jars in their house.

    Samantha is about to marry Carlos. Carlos is an only child who became an orfan at age 16, when his parents "disappeared". It is suggested to us that Carlos is a psycho-killer, that he targets killing the bride right after the honeymoon, and that he was the one who killed his parents.

    Samantha and Carlos do not know about each-other being psycho-killers, but even unaware of that fact, it seems to be the subconcious reason why they like eachother, and ultimately the reason Sam seems (temporarily) incapable of bringging up her psycho-killer alter ego. Well, that's the most decent sense i could come up with after watching this episode, yet there are lots of holes left on the plot, questions to be answered and poorly used elements. It's fair and doesen't hurt to watch, this series wouldn't miss it much. James Roday fans thought would miss a great oportunity to see all his acting skills as he did a pretty good job while playing a bad guy, and that's worth the episode itself.moreless
  • Huh???

    First, let me say that I love Psych and James Roday. I love John Landis. I, however, hated this episode. It made no sense at all.

    The setup was good. The bride gets a note that she is marrying a serial killer. Okay, I buy that. They had not known each other long. She had bad luck in relationships.

    Then the whole show dissolved into the bride blindly running around alone. Where was the maid of honor? She met the out-of-nowhere twin uncles. Who cares? The groom runs after her, and she is terrified. Why?

    I am all for red herrings and twists, as long as they make sense and are well done. The red herrings went nowher. The twist negated everything we had seen in the entire episode. What a cheat!moreless

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