Fear Itself

Season 1 Episode 4

In Sickness and in Health

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jun 26, 2008 on NBC

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  • I love James Roday so I had to watch this episode but...I WILL NEVER WATCH THIS SHOW AGAIN.

    I am a huge fan of James Roday. I love the show Psych. I was ready to give up on Fear Itself after the first three unimpressive episodes but when I realized that James and his girlfriend/Psych co-star Maggie Lawson were going to star in this episode, I decided to watch it. I also heard that Landis would be directing and since he has some skill as a director, I hoped the episode wouldn't be terrible.

    I suppose I can say that I don't regret watching the episode and the reason I don't regret that is because James and Maggie acted wonderfully. James Roday truly looked evil at times. Maggie's fear was impressive, although it really doesn't make sense that she was so scared.

    At many points in the episode, especially the scene between Carlos and Sam in the church, the dialogue didn't really make sense. Their actions and the stuff they said wasn't totally cohesive. At times I thought to myself "Why would she say that?" in a response to something he'd said, or vice versa.

    There were a couple of suspenseful moments but they didn't last long and I don't think any part of this episode could be described as scary. (And did that little girl's screaming annoy anyone other than me?) I liked the little surprise ending because I'm dumb enough to not have expected that. I expected her to "forgive" Carlos and go hug and kiss him, and then he'd stab her to death or something. Still, as pleased as I was with the ending, a lot of this didn't make sense. If she was a serial killer, would she really be THAT freaked out about possibly marrying a serial killer? Why did her brother have to dress up like a woman in an attempt to deliver the note? Why didn't he just scare Carlos away himself or just tell him the truth face to face? Why wouldn't he just kill him (if he's in on the murders with his sister). This is something I'm not very clear on. Is the brother a killer too? And what was up with Carlos' uncles? They kept nodding to each other and making cryptic faces. What were those expressions about? Why did Carlos look so evil if all he was hiding was a dinner date? I could go on and on with the questions but the truth is that I won't care about the answers after I'm done with this review. I will never watch this show again.

    I love James Roday and I like Maggie Lawson but even being a fan of theirs wasn't enough to make me like this episode more.
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