Fear Itself

Season 1 Episode 6

New Year's Day

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jul 17, 2008 on NBC

Episode Recap

January 1st A young girl, Helen, wakes up to the sound of sirens as she remembers drinking heavily at a party. She contemplates a bottle of pills and then staggers to the bathroom and vomits, walking past an aquarium where her tarantula is crawling around. She hears a gunshot and a woman's scream outside. Discovering that the power is out, Helen goes to the window to sees military helicopters overhead and soldiers in the streets. Hearing a noise, Helen tries to get her roommate Eddie's attention. Having no luck, she goes outside with a candle and goes to the next door lady's apartment. There's a record endlessly playing "Amazing Grace", and a radio broadcasting a government warning that people within the blast zone may be infected, and no one should touch infected victims. Helen finds blood on the floor and walls but Mrs. Pribble isn't there. Helen runs back to her apartment and breaks down the door and finds Eddie gone, but the walls and sheets covered in blood. Helen grabs her cell phone and tries to call her boyfriend James, but only gets his answering machine. Someone bangs on her apartment door and Helen goes to the peephole, and sees Mrs. Pribble mindlessly slam into the door. A Day Ago Helen remembers back to the previous day, New Year's Eve, when she was talking with the neighbor boy, Kevin, about her father who passed away. Eddie comes in and asks if they're going to the party. As Kevin leaves, he notes that Helen's pet tarantula is dead. Helen is still depressed over the death of her father and Eddie says he's trying to cheer her up. He notes that James will be at the party and that he has feelings for Helen. That cheers her up and gets her to dress up. The Present Helen's friend Christie calls and tells her to come to James' place where it's safe. Christie apologizes for earlier while watching the news reports, and their signal is cut off. Helen grabs a flashlight and her purse and goes to the door, checking to make sure the neighbor lady has left. Going out, Helen sees Mrs. Pribble in the shadows and asks her what's going on. Mrs. Pribble turns around... covered in blood and wounds, and clearly dead. She starts slamming on another door as a badly wounded Eddie grabs Helen and then collapses, dead. Helen is forced to leave him behind but as she gets into the elevator, a now berserk zombie-like Eddie comes after her. The elevator doors close just in time. Eddie starts slamming on the doors as Helen hears a girl's voice calling for help from atop the elevator car. The girl falls through the grille, badly wounded, as the elevator descends to the parking garage and Helen discovers the girl has died. A Day Ago Christie calls Helen to say she won't need a ride to the party. The Present Helen tries to get the girl out of the elevator but is forced to leave her behind. Car alarms go off and Helen gets to her car. She drops her keys and when she gets up, a living man with a gun demands her car. He knocks her to the ground and Helen sees the dead girl crawling toward them. The man picks Helen up and beats her, and the dead girl grabs his leg and starts biting. A Day Ago Everyone is at the party as Eddie and Helen arrive. Christie greets them and Eddie explains they were late because of a police road block near an explosion at a chemical plant. Helen looks for James without success. Eddie goes off while Helen and Christie chat and Christie encourages her friend to enjoy herself despite her recent tragedy. As the news channel continues to run a story about the chemical plant explosion, Christie apologizes for not being there for Helen. Helen says Christie she's the only friend she has, and the only person who likes Helen for who she really is. The Present Helen gets in her car while the zombie girl kills the gunman. She drives off, hitting both of them, but her car stalls. The gunman, now a zombie, comes after her and Eddie approaches as well. Helen gets out and runs for the stairwell. James calls her and tries to warn her to stay off the streets and stay where she is, but the signal is still bad. A Day Ago Helen finds James dancing with another woman. He apologizes for not calling and say she got busy and was late. He says he's not trying to avoid her and kisses her, and wonders if she's doing okay. They go get a drink and she mentions what Eddie said earlier about James' feelings. She admits he's one of the people who understand her and then says she loves him. She starts to talk about her feelings but the building is shaken by an explosion. James goes to investigate. The Present Helen makes her way through the streets and tries to get help from an old couple. They take shelter in a building and Helen goes in after them. Another zombie tries to break in without success. The old man's wife is dying and they talk about their lives together. The old man draws a gun and tells Helen to get away, blaming her for his wife's injuries. Helen takes refuge in the basement and tries to find another way out, as outside the old man's threats are cut off abruptly. Helen goes up the stairs and sees blood oozing through. Opening the door, she finds a trail of blood and finds Eddie, who has killed the old man. A Day Ago It's midnight and everyone celebrates as Helen finds Eddie. He gets her over to the bar, where the newscast is talking about how no one has died in the chemical plant explosion but witnesses have seen three disfigured individuals. Helen tries to talk about James and goes to find him, but Eddie suggests she forget about him. He finally admits that James doesn't love her and he couldn't stand to see Helen hurting. When she tells him to stop playing games, he kisses her and says that likes her as someone different from everyone else. The Present Helen runs outside as Eddie pursues her. She finds a police officer but he has become a zombie. Before he can attack her, three living teens approach the officer, who attacks one of them while the other two run. As the sun comes up, Helen gets to James' apartment. A Day Ago Eddie is trying to convince Helen he loves her but she doesn't want to hear it. She stumbles through the crowd and finds James... kissing Christie. The Present Helen goes into the apartment and finds Christie cowering in fear. She demands to know where James is... and he comes in and shoots her down in cold blood. A Day Ago Helen backs away from her two friends kissing as Eddie tries to get to her. She goes back to her apartment, lights some candles, and drinking heavily while looking at pictures of her dead father. She then starts taking the pills and washing them down with more alcohol, then passes out. Eddie comes home and finds the power's out. He goes to Helen's room and finds her dead. He tries to administer CPR without success then goes to his room to get his phone and call for help. Kevin comes in... and attacks him. The Present James explains that Helen is a zombie, and has been all night. Helen gets up again and tries to attack Christie, and James shoots her twice more. Eddie comes in and attacks and kills James. Helen gets to her feet and holds hand with Eddie. The two of them, finally together, advance on Christie...