Fear Itself

Season 1 Episode 6

New Year's Day

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jul 17, 2008 on NBC

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  • The whole "tales from the crypt" revival thing looked promising at first. But this (and previous) episodes proves the opposite.

    Absolutely pathetic script, poor acting and the whole zombie cliche - oh My God, who does trust that a chemical could change human's DNA in a mater of hours, so they become zombies? And again, what's wrong with the zombies that they ALWAYS that slow? Surely, there are people out there with a reasonable explanation, but besides the lush curves of Briana Evigan's body, I find this one really painful to watch. Not sure if I will continue to watch this as it shows gradual degradation (er, is that correct to say???) Maybe I'm wrong, since I can't consider myself an expert in horror, but I've expected more suspense and less blood here.
  • Another disappointing installment.

    I was excited to watch this episode after being disappointed by the last few. Unfortunately, I was disappointed yet again.

    I think I could have loved the episode because of the subject (zombies) and the twist ending. I, however, hated the main character. She was pathetic and needy. That dude was just not that into her. The whole party scene was painful to watch. Grow a backbone already. Why did she keep going on and on about how the female friend was the only one who understood her when her male best friend seemed to have a pretty good read on her? She then proceeded to tell the jerk "boyfriend" that he really got her. I don't understand.

    I did appreciate that the audience was given all the clues to the twist without being treated like idiots. In the end, I think that everybody got what they deserved.

    It should have been better than it was.
  • A young woman wakes up to a zombie-filled world.

    I had high hopes for this episode as it began to unfold. Unfortunately, it unravelled rather than flowed into a great episode. By the time you know what's going on, you're thrust into a small screen version of every zombie film made in the last decade. There's simply nothing new to see here. But, what it does lack in originality, it makes up in most other departments. The zombie hoocaust is very well done and there's a few thrills and chills to be found as you go along.The twist ending is fairly good and you shouldn't see it coming until the reveal. It's nothing Earth-shattering, but still a smirk inducing gotcha.
  • Yet another trash cliche installment. Could have been better.

    In the very begging the episode seems promissing, there's some suspense, but after some 15 minutes it all starts going downhill fastly. Personally i think the story was very poorly explored. Nothing against the zombies at all, i actually think as for the zombies themselves it worked as a "homage" to the theme, and did pretty good job. But there were so many variable factors in the story and the flashback recourse, and those were underused, as so many other things could have been written. The explanations for the origin of the infection and the way it's transmited and how it applies to the main characters and it's consequences in the end are just so failed and make no sense at all. There could have been so much more to it then the "i'm a drunk heartbroken teen angst zombie" finale.
  • This is by far the worst one so far this season. Is it just me or does Briana Evigan resemble Rachael Leigh Cook

    I really want this series to survive. The writers are going to have to step up their game for the next one. The series itself is a bit like the Masters of Horrors, or Stephen King's Nightmares and Dreamscapes or even The Perversions of Science.
    Granted it is hard to come up with new stories and plot twists. This story was an assemble of already tried ideas. Zombies are hard to make original anyway. Throw in the flashback scenes with the second stoylines of best friend steal boyfriend with the ignored friend that has always loved you and even the little twist at the end was not enough to pull this one out of the fire
  • Oh my!

    I hate to write negative reviews but this one was horrible enough I just have to say something. I am a huge zombie movie fan and I am hard pressed to think of one I didn't like until now. The whole "chemical leak" causing people to turn into zombies was rather unoriginal and trite. The flash backs happening every three minutes made things way to complex for a one hour show. The whole shaking the camera effects to make up for the lousy zombies didn't help any. The worst part had to be the "big" reveal at the end.....oh wait she's a zombie too and everything she did to this point was told from the zombie's perspective of thinking she's still alive! Just plain horrible... So far the worst episode of this good series to date.
  • Poor! Poor! Poor- Oh and one more Poor!

    I like a good zombie movie and I also love a crap zombie movie.
    But I discovered something very interesting down in the woods today- and thats crap zombie tv episodes are a complete waste of my time. The story itself was poor to begin with, not to mention the annoying zig-zag camera angles. Ten minutes into this episode I was transfixed with ideas and solutions on how to get that Ten minutes back.

    The end- or so I gather was to have a twist! And twist it did- Only the twist was myself still being there in the end to watch it.
    Put simply, only a real zombie could sit in front of the television and enjoy this horrible little story.

    Very sad indeed.
  • Starts just like most zombie stories. Progresses like most zombie stories. Ends ..... well watch it. Its not your normal zombie story. Bravo.

    Lady wakes up the way most zombie fans fear to wake each morning. A world in chaos and people who want to take a bite out of ya for no good reason at all. BUT this one has a nice lil twist ending that makes it stand out from the rest. Give it a watch all the way through. You wont be sorry. NICE perspective twist. Remember why the zombies all headed for the mall in Dawn of The Dead? Because it was apart of their past lives , one they remembered. Zombies keep some of their past lives and memories after the fact. Good stuff Bravo!
  • Was alright.

    This episode saw a goth girl named Helen, waking up one early morning on New Year's Day and finding the entire city taken over by zombies. I have to admit the cheap scares are really getting old unfortunately, and I had to stop the episode twice and come back to it, though I did finish it though because it did have zombies in it. The twist at the end was very predictable, that many empty pill bottles plus an empty bottle in the very first few minutes sold it for me right there. Also the one scene where the old lady in the hallway not coming after her as she banged on doors just sold it to me even more that she was a zombie. It was alright to see how the other side lived, but not enough to get a higher score than what it got from me. I believe this show is going to be one and done unless the next few episodes pick up wonderfully.