Fear Itself

Season 1 Episode 6

New Year's Day

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jul 17, 2008 on NBC

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  • The whole "tales from the crypt" revival thing looked promising at first. But this (and previous) episodes proves the opposite.

    Absolutely pathetic script, poor acting and the whole zombie cliche - oh My God, who does trust that a chemical could change human's DNA in a mater of hours, so they become zombies? And again, what's wrong with the zombies that they ALWAYS that slow? Surely, there are people out there with a reasonable explanation, but besides the lush curves of Briana Evigan's body, I find this one really painful to watch. Not sure if I will continue to watch this as it shows gradual degradation (er, is that correct to say???) Maybe I'm wrong, since I can't consider myself an expert in horror, but I've expected more suspense and less blood here.