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NBC (ended 2008)





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  • Moody and Suspenseful. Definitely Worth Tuning in For.

    NBC's Fear Itself is essentially a continuation of The Masters of Horror series which had a successful run on Showtime. The latter series featured stand alone mini-movies (60 minutes) from well know writers and directors from the horror genre such as John Landis, John Carpenter, and Joe Dante. Fear Itself follows the same premise with fewer big names (John Landis does make a return) and less graphic content. You might at first think that this would result in a watered down version of the cable series, but instead it has led to the writer focusing more on psychological side of horror and the series has thus far presented creepy, suspenseful, well-crafted stories in the horror/supernatural vein. As with any anthology, the episodes are hit and miss, but after four episodes we have seen three hits and one miss which is a pretty good record. Definitely worth tuning in for, though you might wish these episodes aired on a cold Winter night which would more readily lend to the atmosphere they create.
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