Fear Itself

NBC (ended 2008)





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  • The show moved along very well, with a wonderful idea of having this secluded area of people trying to protect the likes of the outside world from the vampire. Unfortunately, those protectors ended up being victims when they were bitten. Good show.

    I'm not that into horror shows but I did get through the first episode, well for the most part. I must say that the show had its moments of being scary. Of course, I could not watch all of those parts. Wish the lighting was a bit better to really see how that creature looked. Did not like Lemon hanging upside down. I did enjoy the chase at the end and of course Diego getting caught up, no pun intended by Virginia. Navarro and his mouth being sewn, could not watch that part. Point was on point until he became of victim of the vampire at the end. I liked how the women were able to take control and handle this vampire and its victims, something that I commend the writers for doing and showing.