Fear Itself

NBC (ended 2008)





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  • Just a personal not.

    This show has to have more than one season. It is so diverse in its episodes that a true horror fan simply has to love it. There are lots of flaws, as there are in horror, but every episode has kept me alert, not many shows tend to do that nowadays.
    As all movies do, this series tends to lean on old series, in this case "Hitchcock presents" and "Twilight Zone", there are probably more critics who have made this reference, but few who have really seen them. I have, actually, in my younger days, and I still think about them every now and then. This series is a worthy follow-up in that respect.
    It tends to be predictable, like horror always does, but there is a delicate balance between predictability and renewal that I surely like. And apart from that, the choice to select "Lie, lie, lie" as the main theme is a good one, I don't know if you like "System Of A Down" or Serj Tankain at all, but I do, as a sixties-die-hard, his "Jethro Tull"-esque music is inspiring.