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  • So, the formula for this series is old and well knwon: a collection of stand-alone horror/thriller stories, casting mostly guest starts and authors. Shows like "Fear Itself" have always been present on TV since Rod Serling's original "The Twilight Zone"..

    ...back in the 60's. Many tried but didn't succeed to achieve as much success as it's pioneer. Other shows that followed that same line were The Outher Limits, Amazing Stories (both, as The Twilight Zone, picked for a "remake" recently), Night Visions, Night Gallery (also Serling's spawn). So you know exactly what to expect from "Fear Itself". It's far from being the best of it's kind, but it's decent enough to keep it's reputation. Another point is: with this kind of show it's always the matter of love it or hate it, there's no middle term most of the times, that's why the reviews are so unlike. So, in case you're not a tiny bit keen on spooky stories about death, fear, evil or the supernatural, stay away from this! The best stories are those where fear plays the main part, while the supernatural element, however unbelievable, is merely a tool or metaphor to it. That can be a really tough task, and Fear Itself achieves it in some moments, like the excelent "Family Man" (the best amongst the 8 episodes aired so far), and "Spooked"; while it proves itself a total failure in other episodes, like the trashy b-esque "Eater", or the decent but bland "In sickness and in health". But to know why you have to see for yourself, it's worth it and it won't hurt (it will in the most scare you)...
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