Fear Itself

Season 1 Episode 8

Skin & Bones

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jul 31, 2008 on NBC

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  • Slightly above average

    This episode was slightly above average, but compared to the other episodes it was solid gold. The episode didn't try and pull a lame twist at the end and it didn't make me fall asleep. The creature was frighting but i was hoping for a little more but because its t.v. they can't really make the creature i had in mind. Some parts of the episode were dumb and cheesy but the episode managed to hold itself together. The thing i found hard to believe was how long it took to load a gun. I mean damn that was pretty bad.
  • Grady Edlund wanders back to his ranch and family after ten days in the wilderness. Is it Grady? Is it somthing else? Is it a combination of the two?

    Now this is more like it. A good, old-fashioned "monster movie" in a 45 minute format. This entry is short on story, but long on substance and chills. Aside from a few moments of Freddy Krueger style banter, about 2/3 of the way through, the Grady-thing continues to get creepier and more menacing with each shot. Doug Jones is superb with the first wave of makeup as he lets his mannerisms and eyes convey the building doom. Once he is in full blown makeup, he's a rather nasty demon that carries the weak script to an abrupt conclusion. If you're not looking for anything too deep, but just monster style fun, this is the episode.
  • Perfect balance between the supernatural and the non-supernatural. Very Good, thrilling.

    I must confess: i wasn't expecting much from this episode; but, in the end, i actually found "Skin and Bones" to be a very good surprise. (SPOILERS from here on, you've been warned!)
    So there's the Edlund family (mom Elena, dady Grady and kids Derrek and Tim) which has moved out of town into a farmhouse in the country, tagged by a relative (Grady's brother, Rawdy) and the resident indian, Eddie Bear (Great character indeed). One day Grady and his pals go hunting in the woods, where they get lost, and two of them ultimately end up dead due to the hostile environment and lack of survival skills(and other things)... Grady is the only one to make it back home, 10 days after, right when his family was beggining to question wheter they were still alive. But the returnee Grady is quite not himself, mind and body wise, and his new ill and dark self will cast some light over shady family secrets. There's nothing light about this episode, it's really dark and tormenting. There's no major twist, but the the actors are competent and consistent enough to make you feel the character's distress, and the horror scenes may be disturbing even if you're not looking right at it (unless you like the sight or sound of a dead person being chopped to pieces for dinner, which i hope you don't, unless you're the reincarnation of Jeff Dhamer). There were some moments i could see a glimpse of "Deliverance" (1972), not that it looks like the movie at all, but the characters kind of share the same anguish, and there's some background elements in common.
    So far this is the second best episode, losing only to the superb "The Family Man".
  • This episode was better than past installments but was far too long. I might enjoy it more at 30 minutes instead of 60.

    this episode had all the right elements... Suspense? Check
    Fear? Check
    Blood? Check
    Danger? Check
    Death? Check
    Cannibalism? Double Check!!

    The problem I am finding with the series is that the writers/directors telegraph the plot allowing the viewer to get "there" sometime during the second act. Unfortunately, the viewer now knows what the punchline is yet has to sit through another 20 minutes of useless plot. It's a time waster really. Perhaps in the 70s this show might have been revolutionary. It might have even been advanced for the 80s when we were all hiding under the covers from Freddy Kruger. But in this era of horror porn films like Saw- Fear Itself just falls flat.
  • One of the better episodes.

    **Minor Spoilers** This turned out to be another pretty good episode of the series. I really liked the look of the Wendigo and his movements. He was really creepy and the camera effects they used for him gave him quite the inhuman look. Some of the scenes were pretty hard to stomach especially when the wife had to prepare the brother for supper. The story line was actually pretty interesting and the acting wasn't half bad. I was really looking for more of a twist at the end other than the husband wasn't the real father of the boys the brother was.
  • A man comes back from the woods and is "changed".

    We are introduced to a ranch that even with a missing father, has an entire different group of problems. Tensions between the sons and the friend, who might be cheating with the mother are rising. The show is reminiscent of The Twilight Zone with its attention to detail and great effort put into establishing the backstory.

    While the episode was exciting, there were points where it was slow-moving. Some of the acting was weak and the "monster" inside took a long time to truly come out. When it did though, boy did it come out. He did come off as too horror movie killer-ish though, with the slow way he plotted his attack. Still, the ominous presence, dark music and general aura of the show is exciting and makes the viewer feel young again, like the first time they saw a true Sci-fi classic. They kept me on the edge of my seat at the end. The rush when the son dropped the bullet was incredible. Nice work Fear Itself.
  • Truly creepy and gruesome!

    After several episodes of "Fear Itself" that did not inspire any fear in me at all, I was very pleasantly surprised tonight. It was like watching a good horror movie in just one hour.
    All the good types of scares were included. There were jump scares, like when Grady suddenly sat up in the bed. There were uncomfortable scares, like the licking and the hacking off chunks of meat. The best kind of scare, terror at human behavior, was definitely present. For most of the show, I could not decide if Grady was just driven crazy by his trauma or if he was possessed by some demon. In a way, I wish that part, instead of the ending, had been left more ambiguous.
    This is easily the best episode of this show. I was scared, grossed out, and genuinely interested in what happened to the characters.
  • Best episode to date.

    This episode deals with a spirit known as the Wendigo who is invited to a man's body as he is dying and as a "welcome home" / coming out party of sorts. This episode is the best out of the series so far and is what I was hoping this series would be like. There was a lot of action in this one and a lot of moments that made you really sit up and like were wow; especially after all the horrible episodes (save fore one for me) that we have seen. One of my favorite parts of this episode came from when Elena had to cook that poor guy for the Wendigo. I was really surprised that NBC let a lot of that air there, and if that was the case, they could have done so much more with the other episodes already shown to make them better. The ending was awesome. I really thought we were going to have one of those endings where it just has the Wendigo holding the boy up and then BOOM black screen but instead we had an actual nice conclusion. Good job writers on this one!