Fear Itself

Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jun 12, 2008 on NBC

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  • Eric Roberts plays a rejected cop who visits a haunted house

    This episode was my first experience with "Fear Itself," and I was sort of put off. First off, I was not aware it was an anthology series, I thought the serires rotated around the Eric Roberts character and his style of justice. Two, this episode was definitely a look see as it delved into his past and why he behaved the way he did, and three, the ending was an utter disappointment. It had an obvious message, but I could have written it much better and much scarier. I'll be catching future episodes, but I don't see this series lasting as well as "The Twilight Zone." Maybe Roberts ought to get a spin-off playing the detective having survived his gun shot.
  • Last week I was a fan of this show now I am adding this show to my list of diehard favorites. Which include Supernatural Reaper Heroes and the recently added Fear Itself.

    I loved the pilot even though some people are giving it bad reviews. I do admit compared to this episode it was kind of average and think they should have aired this as the pilot and put The scarafice somewhere in the middle. But back to this episode from the previews last week and the pictures I thought it was going to have something to do with a canibal. So the episode began and it started with a Cop who kills this man to get information. It then goes 15 years later and he is now a investigator for people geting evidence on cheating spouses. This woman comes up to him and tell her story and tell him to go to this house right across the street. Then he starts seeing and hearing things in that and the house across the street. I won't spoil the rest but to me this felt like a perfect episode. It is not one of those shows where we will get emotionally attached because there are no reccuring characters its just a new mini horror movie each week. But I think this show will be a hit amist horror fans. If you love horror movies give this show a shot and depending on the week may or may not be dissapointed.
  • This episode was okay, but overall, a disappointment.

    While I was pleased that this episode had more thrilling moments than the pilot episode, the story left a lot to be desired. The episode kicked off with a bang, with Harry interrogating and assaulting the suspect. But half way through the episode, not much had happened and it was disappointing.

    I was further disappointed when I learned about his childhood and how he'd killed his brother by accident. I don't understand why his father wanted to hide the accidental death. It doesn't make sense. I've unfortunately read stories like this that have actually happened, where one child shoots another by accident, and the children don't face criminal charges. I don't understand why Harry's father wanted to pretend the boy went missing instead of just letting the authorities know he'd been killed accidentally by Harry.

    Another part of the episode that didn't make sense to me was the "grand finale". I understood that the woman was basically avenging the death of her brother but I totally didn't understand why the guy who worked for Harry (I just saw the episode and I can't even remember his name) came in and shot Harry. Did not make a lick of sense. Then he runs over to Harry and says it was an accident...terrible.

    I don't know what I expected to happen at the end, but it certainly wasn't this mess. Anyway, to sum this up, the episode was slightly more scary than the pilot episode but didn't improve on the pilot in any other way. The story was a bit of a mess, a let down.
  • It was nice to see Erick Roberts again... That's about it... (some spoilers on the horizon)

    The plot started very promising , but it turned too boring very quickly, by the time the twist came, you must have seen it coming, and the "secret" origin of the main character's personality didn't made sense,shocking as it was,
    specially the "Make some wrongs to make a right" thing, and it was even worse if you have in mind the timing where it was said. Erick Roberts partner was very unconvincing and also the gun plot lead to a conclusion far too convenient and in fact felt too rushed, like written at the last minute.

    They were a lot of elements that could have supplied with a much better plot, and better pacing:

    1- A haunted "living murdering house"
    2- Satanic Rituals.
    3- A Vengeful Ghost
    4- A denied guilt in seek for redemption in a very wrong way.
    5.-The possibility of a masked psychopathy.

    All them where there but mixed so unevenly that in the end none provided to a satisfactory conclusion..

    ...But that's just my thoughts, see and judge for yourself...
  • Harry Siegel is an ex-cop turned private eye with a lot of demons in his past. When a woman asks him to stay in an abandoned house to spy on her husband, he soon realizes that things in that house are worse than he imagined.

    This is the first episode I've seen and it's definitely not good enough to keep me tuned into the rest of the series. I'm going to try not to base my opinion just one this one episode, but it certainly didn't give me a good first impression of the show.

    The acting sucked. It was so terrible. Each and every actor couldn't act their way out of a paper bag. The plot sucked and the ending just left me with a lot of questions. So entering this house is suppose to make you see the things you did in your life that you can't live with? Why? Is that why that girl went in there? Because it was supernatural powers? Did she want to die?

    Yeah, it was such a bummer episode. Very predictable as well. The reason I'm giving it a 6.8 is because it was kind of creepy in parts, with the walls and what not, but really it made no sense.
  • Kind of dissapointed.

    After watching the pilot episode I was getting geared up for this show. This episode however did not deliver. The only thing I liked was seeing Eric Roberts on tv again. I am still trying to make sense of the plot. A man goes into a haunted house to face his demons from the past? Not only was it not scary but it had no emotional tones at all. No humor, no suspense and nothing chilling made it a pretty ordinary episode. I have not given up hope for this show as I liked the pilot but it needs to get better it is not going to be around for long.
  • What happened to When you look at the episode, the father has blood spatter on his shirt, almost if not from the dead son.

    I did not like the episode because it was so unoriginal, worse than that, as others have mentioned showing the new gun of the partner makes the ending painfully obvious.
    The one thing that could have saved it for me was an i told you so moment. When the father tells harry not until we see your mother and brother in heaven he has blood spatter on his shirt, as if not from picking up the son(i watch alot of csi) so either it is a bad costume, or perhaps in the commotion the mother freaked out and killed the mother perhaps because she wanted to institutionalize harry or something along those lines. They seemed even more distraught than other the lose of the brother, if possible. Or that the grave they use is quite large and they backup the station wagon to the hole because a 5 year old child would not be hard to carry. Other than that i told you so to tell my wife, im starting to lose faith in the show.
  • I was kind of disappointed with this episode. I felt the pilot had a much better plot and a lot more action right from the beginning.

    I was personally very excited for this episode, cause while I enjoyed last weeks, I thought it was a little unrealistic. The previews for this weeks episode seemed to play more on the psychological, but it was a disappointment.

    There was a lot of things I didn't understand about this episode, such as the four characters on the wall. Maybe I missed the explanation, but that confused me. I also felt like it took too long to get into the whole plot. The beginning was a great start, and then it was kind of dull until about half way through. I will keep watching each week and hopefully it won't disappoint.
  • Aside from not being scary at all this was awful!

    I get that these episodes need to introduce characters and plots and wrap them all up in a hour... no easy task I'll admit, but this episode didn't even have a plot worthy of 30 minutes!

    I really expected that this series would be introducing some up and coming directors/writers and they would be sharing something interesting, maybe even innovated. Instead it seems that we might be in for several weeks of retreaded horror story lines.

    In Spooked we are introduced to a cop that we don't really get to know, a parter/employee that is a waste of screen time and a femme fatal that is totally transparent from the beginning.

    What makes things scary, Im my opinion, is the emotional connection to the characters... if you don't care about the people you don't care what happens to them... In Spooked I have to say that I didn't care about anyone!

    I was rooting for a Reservoir Dogs ending where everyone died! The only thing I liked at all was the performance by Cynthia Watros... her laughing at the end was the scariest thing in the whole episode!

    Next weeks episode, Family Man, was written by Dan Knauf who created the HBO series Carnivale and writes episodes of Supernatural so I am optimistic that this series will improve...
  • A poor second outing.

    This episode to me was a step back from last weeks episode. This episode suffered from a lot of things mainly
    1. The writers thinking that the viewers are ignorant.
    2. The writers think the audience are easily squeamish with the blood effects.
    3. Writers now a days think that all horror is just gore, look at all the blood effects used.

    And Lastly,

    The writers seem to think that we the viewers don't mind horrible predictable writing. We all knew the gun carried by Harry Siegel's assistant was going to come into play somehow. They just made it to big of a point of saying hey look he just bought a gun, hey look here is the gun again in a poorly written innuendo just plain bad writing. There was too much of a build-up to a badly written bad ending as well. I mean come on we are not that stupid there was no possible way the gun shot that Harry Siegel's assistant shot was accidental seeing that he seemingly lined him up and shot him. I will give this show one more chance next week when Eurekas Sheriff Carter (Colin Ferguson) comes to play.
  • Some guy goes into a haunted house.

    This was one of the worst hours of television that I have ever had the misfortune to take part in. And let me begin by saying that I like bad science fiction, the sci-fi original movies that have a budget of what appears to be $7 and actors who could not be worse are hilarious to me, but this show redefines bad. It is boring and lacks any sense of humor that makes sci-fi such a great genre. The plot was predictable and lame. The actors were bland and unmotivated. The script was just an example of poor directing. I have no idea why I didn't change the channel, but I just kept watching.
  • I hope the next episodes are better.

    It was pretty bad from the start. You have a guy who apparently kidnapped a child and an unbelievable "bad" cop who's slicing at him with a friggn' knife to get information?! Not even TRYING to hide the blatant police brutality. You know, I can deal with a bad cop. I see them all the time, they're in tv shows and movies. Fine, that's okay but am I really supposed to feel sorry for the child molester (I don't know if he molested the child but the child appeared to have been abused in some way)? The whole episode had him haunted by the "accidental" death of a pedofile. They should have used a "sympathetic" bad guy like a guy who resorted to dealing drugs to feed his family. Yeah, I know it's a cliche but so is the bad cop character and this friggn' story line in general. ANY "bad guy" would have been more sympathetic than a pedofile! It just left me shrugging my shoulders like "who cares". I don't know who wrote this episode but I hope they don't let him or her write any others or this series is gonna fail miserably!