Fear Itself

Season 1 Episode 1

The Sacrifice

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jun 05, 2008 on NBC

Episode Recap

On a stretch of road, four criminals are making an escape but one of their number, Navarro, is wounded. Point and Lemmon are brothers, and their tire blows out and they spot a fort in the distance and use a canoe to pull Navarro along the snow… unaware a man with a rifle is watching them.

They arrive at the fort only to find it furnished but seemingly abandoned. Looking around, Point and Diego find sketches on the wall, but hear a scream from Navarro. They come back to find an attractive blonde woman, Chelsea, examining the wounded man. She pulls a rifle on them and they draw guns on her, forcing her to drop it. Her sister Virginia comes in and they offer their hospitality. They take Navarro to the barn where another injured man, Reverend Janos, is resting.

Chelsea tends to Navarro and talks to Lemmon, and she says they've been there a long time and she's never seen the ocean. She sends the men inside while she tends to Navarro. Alone, she stitches his chest wound together… then sews his lips together as well.

Virginia takes Diego to the barn where he tries to hit on her. She seems to react and she has him lie on a blanket… which is covering a pit. He falls through and lands on the bottom, and she covers it over and leaves him.

The sun goes down and Lemmon and Point have stew with Chelsea's sister, Tara, who doesn't speak. She tells them that Navarro will be okay but tells Lemmon not to disturb Navarro. Point goes out anyway and finds Navarro dead with a wooden stake through his heart. He hears a growling noise, and Reverend Janos tells him to douse the light. Point finds that the man is manacled to the bed and tries to get him out, but something pulls Janos back in then slams the door, and Janos' screams ring out.

Diego calls out for help and then finds human bones in the pit with him. Meanwhile, Point returns to the main house and demands answers from Chelsea. She says it's too late but is surprised that Janos is dead. He goes looking for Lemmon, who has disappeared, although Chelsea warns him not to.

Lemmon is outside looking for Diego and sees Virginia inside another building. He goes inside to talk to her and she comes on to him, while secretly grabbing an axe and then knocking him out with the handle. He wakes up to find himself hanging upside down inside a building with blood from his wound dripping into a pan below him.

Chelsea tends to Janos' corpse and says she's sorry, then says a prayer over him. Behind her, the corpse gets to its feet… and she turns around and decapitates it.

Point looks for Lemmon and finds a series of hanging mobiles made out of license plates. Meanwhile, Diego tries to climb out of the pit without success and hears someone up above. The pit lid opens but he sees something above him, growling, and Diego screams.

Tara comes to see Lemmon and he tries to convince her to let him down. She approaches him and holds up a sketch of him, then turns it upside down. A door opens in the distance and she backs out of the room.

Point enters the barn to find a bald humanoid figure hanging onto Lemmon, feeding. Point tries to shoot it without success but it jumps back up into the rafters. He frees the still living Lemmon but then Tara attacks him with an axe. She tries to kill Lemmon and Point throws her back onto a metal spike. He gets Lemmon back to the main house where he demands answers from Virginia and Chelsea. They say that Lemmon will transform unless they chop off his head and burn his body: he will become a vampire. They explain that their people came from Rumania and the creature hid among them, and now they have to feed it to keep it contained. Janos was their father, who willingly sacrificed himself to feed the creature. Lemmon transforms into a vampire and attacks Point, but then bites Virginia before Point can impale it. Virginia asks Chelsea to tell her but then the vampire starts pounding on the door, having smelled the blood.

The three of them run for the barn with Point holding the vampire off. Chelsea lowers Virginia into the pit and then hides with Point as the vampire enters the barn and moves to the edge of the pit. Point knocks it into the pit where it feeds on Virginia, and they seal the lid and set the barn on fire. Chelsea and Point hold hands as they watch the building burn down. The next morning they go outside… and Point realizes he was bitten. She closes the gate, a look of grim resolve on her face.