Fear Itself

Season 1 Episode 1

The Sacrifice

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jun 05, 2008 on NBC

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  • A good start, not a great one but better than expected...

    The plot was very good as was the setting:

    The Plot; An isolated community holds a monster prisoner, at the cost of cutting off all contact with the outside world, only letting people in to feed said monster.

    The Good; There was the use of the old Vampiric Folklore, remedies and countermeasures, something we don't see in most films today, and the suspense was well built.

    The Bad: The villagers claim that they have tried and failed for years to destroy the monster (a Vampire)but in the end with the outsiders, they manage to destroy it by doing nothing special (torching the place)something that could have done very easily on THE DAY In Plain Daylight. The ending was proper and creepy and it saved the episode for going to hell (no pun intended)but somehow overall the episode lacked the strength for a solid series opener...
  • Not sure..

    So I'm a little late to watching this show, I only heard about it because of random YouTubing. BUT I was really excited because it sounded cool and than I watched this episode and was like oh there are so many awesome people in this, but I don't know if I really liked it. I am for sure gonna give it the four episode test and fingers crossed if it is ok I will finish it, and if not I will watch my other shows and come back to it. I just hope that some of the stories are more interesting.
  • Not great, but not terrible.

    With a show like this, I was expecting maybe a bad Sci-Fi channel movie, but condensed to an hour. I was mistaken after watching this episode. The story was okay, with the only flaw in the story being that the "creature" was a vampire of sorts, an overused monster these days. The acting was a roller coaster. The acting done by Jeffrey Pierce and Jesse Plemons was tremendous and a great job by the casting director. The rest of the acting was subpar, but did not really take away too much from the episode. The special effects were okay, but the show didn't really need any of the over the top effects like most horror themed shows or movies. Overall, after watching this episode, I will tune in next week and more than likely every week.
  • Much better than I expected it to be! A solid start for Fear Itself.

    I tuned into Fear Itself Thursday with very low expectations due primarily to the fact that I dislike a high % of what passes for horror these days. But, I was pleasantly surprise by this pilot episode. I found the script for The Sacrific to be a pretty original take on Vampire lore, something that is not easily accomplished, as the genre has been mined to near death. The acting was all pretty top notch for TV, and that several scenes offered solid suspenseful moments.

    My only real complaint is that the action sequences where poorly staged, especially the final sequence which was pretty lackluster.

    But I found this to be a solid start for Fear Itself, hopefully the new show can continue to offer episodes of this quality.
  • The Sacrifice was a change in what we have mainly on tv today. It was a welcome change and I enjoyed watching this eppy in particular. I will continue to watch to see the work of the writers involved in this project, Fear Itself.

    I was pumped about watching this Horror series or what is known as an anthology. My favorite Actor, Stephen Martines, was one of the characters in The Sacrific, playing Diego. I hated that he was one of the first to die, is one complaint. Another, did not like Lemon hanging upside. Other than this, I totally enjoyed watching something that is not one of my favorite genres to watch, and that is Horror. My cousin, who loves these type of shows, totally enjoyed it and basically kept me abreast of what happened during the scary and gore parts. I thought the writers did a great job in plotting this eppy and that it did the trick of keeping me on edge throughout. A+++
  • This should be a great summer series to replace Supernatural for a few months. I was looking forward to this and the first episode didn't disappoint me.

    I really enjoyed the increasing suspense they managed to invoke as the episode progressed. The acting was good, but the character of Lemon was pretty annoying. One thing that I was wondering about but they never referenced again was the fact that the man who was trapped in the hole should have become a vampire if the women didn't kill him. This wasn't shown or mentioned at all during the rest of the episode. The ending was surprising to me, but it was a good twist. But the audience was left wondering if she killed him, he killed himself, or if he became a vampire to replace the old one.
  • Pretty good episode. :)

    I'll admit that I was a little disappointed by this episode. NBC promoted the show so much and hyped it up into this...blockbuster that it wasn't. I was not scared, not even startled, at all. The way the show was promoted, there should have been some scary moments, at least a few.

    The story was pretty good. I thought the acting was decent. The part where the woman sewes Navarro's (?) lips closed was gross and cool. I hope that NBC doesn't rely on gore stuff to sell this show. The story has to be good as well. I'm happy to say that this story was more than decent. I loved Lemon and I'm glad that they gave us a character to feel sorry for, to sympathize with. He was a lovable little bro and he didn't make it. The mistake with most horror movies/shows is that they don't make you care about the characters. They did a good job of giving you character insights so that when people get killed, you actually feel bad for them. I especially enjoyed the ending. No happy ending. Happy endings are not always the best way to go and I truly appreciated this ending.

    I am looking forward to seeing more of this show. I can't wait for next week.
  • Not bad for a first outing...

    Initially when I first heard about the show I was pleased to hear there was finally going to be some horror back on the TV. As a huge horror fan I couldn't wait. Problem was I went in with very high expectations and didn't get what I was hoping for.

    BUT that's not necessarily a bad thing.

    Scares and gore galore there wasn't but with a solid plot, a not too cheestastic script and decent actors, "The Sacrifice" turned out to be a fairly entertaining episode. A lot of people seemed a little put out that the episode was about vampires, and it is something that's seen pretty regularly. But for a pilot plot I think it was a good move. You can't really go wrong with vampires and there's a reason why they're seen so often – along with ghosts and werewolves they're part of the holy trinity of this genre.

    The actors themselves were more or less spot on, although I did find the three sisters to be a bit out of place. After seeing Rachel Miner in Californication I would have expected better but she wasn't awful by any means. Great to see Jeffrey Pierce as the lead - he's a completely underused actor imo. The other guys were pretty good too.

    Reading the other reviews I think people did the same as me and watched the show with a pillow at the ready, waiting to be scared to hell and back. But I realise now that I should have just taken it at face value for what it was. Yes it's described as horror but it's also described as suspense and thriller. It's a little more subtle and more mindless escapism that full throttle horror.

    If you accept it as such then you should find you'll enjoy it.
  • An alright pilot.

    I figured since I am such a horror fan I would give this show a try. For it being the very first episode I have to admit it was alright. The main problem this episode had was there was to much predictably. Honestly it was almost an insult to horror fans to put something like that on air. True it did have a vampire running around in it, but there just wasn't enough in the episode to help it be any better than the rating I gave it. Also the acting seemed really forced and awkward at times like the actors and actresses were thinking in their heads OMG I am going to shoot my agent after this is done. I just hope future episodes will be better or NBC better pull the plug on this nightmare.
  • In my opinion, this pilot failed to deliver. I will not continue watching.

    What an interesting opening. I like the scary theme song and music. The images are really graphic and I like it. Reminds me of a really scarier version of the opening to [Ghost Whisperer]. Which is good when it comes to supernatural things. I like it much better than the [Supernatural] opening actually. Graphic is good. The color tone and the setting of the episode also reminded me of the yellow tinge belonging to [Carnivale], the scenes at the creepy compound in [Big Love] and the movie [The Texas Chainsaw Massacre]. The scary light-blonde sisters reminded me of the movie [Sleepy Hollow]. A great atmosphere for a horror/thriller series like this one. Totally my kind of thing.

    When she started to sew the guy's mouth, I knew this was gonna be good. Something so dark and simple, so wrong yet felt so right. And when Virginia left the guy to rot in the ditch, whoa. And what's a creepy show without a mute? Looking verrrrrrrrry forward to watching the mute finally speak in the future.

    But then came all the anti-climatic, poorly handled action scenes. I guess the direction was fairly alright, but the magnitude of it, the creation of suspense and thrill that audiences expect, was just not enough for me to appreciate it. By the end of the episode, I was quite sick and tired of listening to the zombie screaming and I was particularly agitated by the cliche situation where the head criminal and the creepy townswoman held hands as they watched a great fire.

    If you're going to start a show with such an ambitious theme, it's got to me right on the money. It wasn't for me.