Fear Itself

Season 1 Episode 1

The Sacrifice

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jun 05, 2008 on NBC

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  • In my opinion, this pilot failed to deliver. I will not continue watching.

    What an interesting opening. I like the scary theme song and music. The images are really graphic and I like it. Reminds me of a really scarier version of the opening to [Ghost Whisperer]. Which is good when it comes to supernatural things. I like it much better than the [Supernatural] opening actually. Graphic is good. The color tone and the setting of the episode also reminded me of the yellow tinge belonging to [Carnivale], the scenes at the creepy compound in [Big Love] and the movie [The Texas Chainsaw Massacre]. The scary light-blonde sisters reminded me of the movie [Sleepy Hollow]. A great atmosphere for a horror/thriller series like this one. Totally my kind of thing.

    When she started to sew the guy's mouth, I knew this was gonna be good. Something so dark and simple, so wrong yet felt so right. And when Virginia left the guy to rot in the ditch, whoa. And what's a creepy show without a mute? Looking verrrrrrrrry forward to watching the mute finally speak in the future.

    But then came all the anti-climatic, poorly handled action scenes. I guess the direction was fairly alright, but the magnitude of it, the creation of suspense and thrill that audiences expect, was just not enough for me to appreciate it. By the end of the episode, I was quite sick and tired of listening to the zombie screaming and I was particularly agitated by the cliche situation where the head criminal and the creepy townswoman held hands as they watched a great fire.

    If you're going to start a show with such an ambitious theme, it's got to me right on the money. It wasn't for me.