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Six people have been sent to a place they've never been before to determine if it is haunted. They record their own experiences. There is no film crew. They are alone. The people are real. The place is real. The fear is real. The short lived series Fear aired its first two episodes in a pilot run, and after they garnered outstanding reviews, a full season was ordered by the executives. After eight more episodes did well, a second season was ordered. Unfortunately, the second season ended after only six episodes aired. The series wasn't cancelled because of low ratings (the show was the second most popular on MTV when cancelled), but rather due to high production costs. A DVD, MTV's Inside Fear, was released on November 6, 2001. MTV's Fear was named #6 on Entertainment Weekly's "15 Taboo-Breaking TV Moments".

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  • Such a great show!

    Man, I remember watching this on Sundays, it was such a interesting show. It was sort of a cross mix of Survivor and other reality shows, but this show, showed off a darker side of peoples emotions. It was really interesting watching people come into the show thinking they cannot be scared but end up quitting because they are really scared. This was a grade A show all the way around and I wish that MTV would bring it back or someone else. Or atlest make a show like this again. That is why this show gets a 10 from me.moreless
  • i sadly never saw the episode. if anyone knows how or where i cound find it let me know..

    This place also is an important spot for me. Not only is a peice of local history but my parents met at buck hill inn in the late 70s early 80s. they both worked in the kitchen and my father has told me stories that the matra-d whom he thought was crazy used to chase ghosts out of the kitchen and yell at them constantly. My mother also told me a story before the fear show was shot.. of a woman whom had been sexually assaulted at the hotel and later that same night thrown herself from the top floor. We have all snuck into that hotel at some point i myself was way to freaked out just being on the property but my friends have had very scary experiances. i dont condone trying to get on the property only because barrett township is very harsh on people who try.. its deff a place to see just the building itself is creepy to look at.moreless
  • This show is the best in the world but i can never wathch it anymore so it stinks.

    This show is going to blow you away if you watch it. it has twists and turns and the people go to hunt for money at the most haunted places in US. This show should go back on air but is isnt so it stinks. If you watch it it is way better then any show i have ever watched beause the people get so scared and it is so funny.This show is the best in the whole world if you havnt watched it you better because it is th best. If i could i would watch this show al night long.moreless
  • Because they are a genius!

    Real life horror - it doesn't get much beter than that.

    Anybody who loves to be scared, this show was the ultimate sit on the edge of your seat adventure. I don't think anyone ever got seriously injured, but this show completely freaked me out and I wasn't even there.

    If you believe in ghosts or any kind or paranormal phenomena -than this was the ticket! Leave young kids in so-called haunted houses in the dark, alone, and have their only companion be a walkie talkie which most times they had to turn off, this show was a total headtrip. At any moment, you expected something to pop out. They def need to bring this back!moreless
  • I really do miss this show!

    I loved everything about this show. The Places, The objections they had to do, the Theme songs, Everything. Then soon after I finally got into this show they cancelled it. I was Mad! It was one of my favorites! I have never seen re-runs either. I Miss it alot. I think either MTV or Sci-Fi could at least play re-runs becuase i most deff. want to see more of this show. So MTV I'm asking you, Either Play Re-Runs or make new episodes.moreless

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