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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Boettger Brewery
      Boettger Brewery
      Episode 6

      Four complete strangers investigate the haunted former Boettger Brewery and the owner's mansion which is connected to it. Those who complete their dares and remain in the location until released will win a cash prize, while those who succumb to terror leave with nothing except a better understanding of where their breaking point is.

    • Serenity Lake Sanatorium

      Six people agree to confront their worst nightmares and spend the night in a haunted hospital. They're sent to Canada's Serenity Lake Sanatorium, a former TB clinic, where thousands of patients, and even staff members lost their lives to the disease.

    • Ki Sugar Mill
      Ki Sugar Mill
      Episode 4

      Seven people will face their greatest fears at the haunted Ki Sugar Mill. First built in 1876, this South Pacific sugar mill was plagued by strange deaths and terrible accidents, making it one of the most paranormally active sites in the world. Will the seven contestants make it to the end, or will some fall out, their fear greater than their will to see it through?

    • Hacienda Tabi
      Hacienda Tabi
      Episode 3

      A new group of people take the challenge to face their worst fears. Their location is the Haceinda Tabi, a former colonial outpost in the Yucatan. Clashes between the Spanish conquistadors and the Mayan people often ended in blood, and in time the once vibrant Mayan culture was lost, its people little better than slaves to their Christian overlords. But perhaps their spirits live on within these crumbling walls. And by the end of the night, each of the people visitng the location will know their answer to this question, "Is the Hacienda Tabi haunted?"

    • Mina Dos Estrellas - Part 2

      A new group of contestants return to the Mina Dos Estrellas Mine, built in 1903 by European gold diggers, and said to have fallen prey to the wrath of the Nahual. The Nahual are creatures from Mesomerican legend, either witches or spirits that can change shape, taking on the forms of animals. Will any of the contestants make it through to the end, or will they all be driven away by their fears, as were the last group who attempted to stay there?

    • Mina Dos Estrellas - Part 1

      Welcome to the Mina Dos Estrellas Mine, built in 1903 by European gold diggers. This mine soon fell pray to the wrath of the legendary creature called Nahual.

      The Contestants

      Jose, 20 / Oakland, CA / Surgical Support Assistant / (GREEN) / Quit

      Victoria, 19 / Myrtle Beach, SC / Hooters Girl / (PURPLE) / Quit
      Zach, 22 / Greenville, SC / Bus boy / (BLUE) / Quit

      Sandy, 19 / Richmond, VA / Student / (YELLOW) / Quit

      Dave, 18 / Lisle, IL / Student / (RED) / Quit

      Natasha, 20 / Miami, FL / Student / (WHITE) / Quit

      Tlalpujahua, Mexico - 84 miles away from Mexico City

      HistoryNahual (new-wall) n.: a sorcerous creature of Mexican folklore capable of changing into predatory beasts of the night (C.F. Wendigo, rakshasa, werewolf.)

      This investigation will take you several areas where paranormal activity has been reported: The Chapel, the oven room, the Hospital, the Carpinteria, the Drainage Pit, the Moddelos Room, and the Mine Tunnels.

  • Season 1