Feasting on Asphalt

Saturday 9:00 PM on Food Network Premiered Jul 29, 2006 In Season


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  • Makes me wish I knew how to ride a motorcycle if only for the chance to join Mr. Brown on the road.

    Feasting On Asphalt combines one of my favorite personalities from The Food Network and one of the things my family loves to do and that is the 'Road Trip'. We also like to eat and growing up as the daughter of a truck driver, I love truck stop food. Not the chain truck stops one finds along the interstates today like Circle J or Stucky's but those mom and pop cafes that served homemade food and lots of it.

    I have so many fond memories of vacation trips across country, stopping along the way and eating at places with naugahyde covered benches or stools. You could watch the cook as he made your meal. You could smell and hear everything that was being cooked on the grill or burner and it just made your taste buds water even more while you waited for your food. Feasting On Asphalt brings that all back to me and it's what I try to find when my family goes on one of its weekend road trips. I want my children to experience all the different tastes we had available to us as children. Unfortunately those small cafe's and diner's are falling quickly by the way side and I'm really glad that Alton Brown is able to still find some in his travels.

    Add in Alton's incredible sense of humor and knowledge of food; and you've got a real winner of a show.