Feel The Force

Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Monday 12:00 AM May 15, 2006 on BBC Two

Episode Recap

Bobbins and Frank are stuck in a traffic jam with police lights and sirens going at full force. They finally manage to clear traffic and get to the speaker and order some Egg McMuffins when they hear a call come over the police scanner. They forget about breakfast and make their way to the crime scene even arriving first.

A woman lets them inside her home, they search in the living room for her husband. Bobbins becomes angry and arrests the woman in a rage, believing that she has hidden her husband's body from them. As they leave a door swings closed with the dead man hanging from it.

In the squad room, Beesley yells at them for arresting another innocent person and gives the police teams their assignments. MacBean and MacGregor will look into a smuggling ring, Richard and Judy will investigate car thieves joyriding in the area and Bobbins and Frank are to transport a criminal, Ben Sutherland, to court.

Bobbins vents about the assignment to Frank on the shooting range. Frank tries to get Bobbins to relax with a new form of hypnosis that Frank has discovered. The hypnotisim encludes a beach scene and a dove of peace flying to them, which Bobbins shoots.

Bobbins decides that she wants in on the drug smuggling action, she and Frank stage a two person raid on the drug house. Danny, the smuggler, tells them that he actually smuggles rare animals and sells them black market. Frank huffs a yellow toad and begins to act stoned. Bobbins arrests Danny and confiscates some of his animals including a crocodile named Isobel.

They pick up Ben Sutherland for his court date, but as they drive there they are cut off by an obnoxious driver in an SUV. A call comes over the radio with a car theft report, it is the SUV in fron tof them. It's they joyrider! They chase after the thief and corner him in an abandoned warehouse. The thief leaps out and runs, Bobbins pursues.

Frank tries to comfort a stressed out Danny with her hypnosis, this time in a calming ski setting. When they get back from their mental downtime Sutherland has escaped and Bobbins shows up with the car thief, a 14 year old girl named Mary.

Bobbins convinces Danny to take Ben's place in court, telling him that he will not be found out and that she will release him if he does. Danny agrees but Ben Sutherland was a jockey who murdered a horse and Danny is thrown in jail. Bobbins takes a bribe of 750 pounds from Mary to release her as part of Danny's bail money. She goes to Danny's home and gets 250 pounds from his wife and bails him out.

They brag to Beesley at the squad room that everyone else failed their assignments but them, which makes Beesley very depressed. Frank tries her hypnosis one more time and it works. Beesley giggles hysterically and yells that she hates being tickled until a call comes in and she finds out that Ben Sutherland was just run over in traffic by a joyridig car theif. Bobbins and Frank try to hypnotize her again when she stalks after them.