Season 3 Episode 11

And to All a Good Night

Aired Unknown Dec 13, 2000 on The WB
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James persistently tries to call Molly, who has broken up with him and returned to rehab. When he finally gets a hold of her, she tells him they are through and hangs up. James waits for her outside her apartment and gets into an argument with Ben. Felicity's mother (now using her maiden name, Barbara Hunter) arrives for a visit. She takes an instant dislike to Ben when she overhears him ranting about James. Sean and Richard buy a bunch of Christmas trees, hoping to sell them for a major profit. They recruit Ben to help them pick up the trees. He then shows up late for a play he was to attend with Felicity and her mom, and has forgotten the tickets. Noel joins Ben, Felicity and Barbara for dinner. He impresses Barbara by prattling on about his goals, while Ben has nothing to say when she grills him about his future. Barbara dismisses Ben as a loser with violent tendencies and questionable friends (i.e. Molly). She advises Felicity to dump Ben for Noel, whom she considers to be just about perfect. Tracy continues to suffer from tremendous guilt after losing his virginity. He and Elena go to see his pastor, who recommends that they think carefully about what they want from the relationship.moreless

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  • And to All ...A Good Nigt...

    It's chrestmas ,and I guess that was the frist season we see a christmas party. This episode start by planning for the party -somehow they finish thier finals,which we didn't see this year.

    James call,he keep asking to see Molly again. Felicity's mother arrive and she doesn't like Felicity being with Ben,things really got very complecated when she feel that Noel is better match for her.

    If you saw how was Felicity and Noel was close to eachother ,also Molly and Ben while Ben is protect Molly and stand by her to try to get over James.. If you felt that Ben and Felicity's relation is in danger,you'll love this episode.. cause it really show a real love happend between them,at the same time it give a real reason to be confused about "Ben or Noel".

    Meghan,Sean,Richard,Felicity's Mom,Molly,Elena,Tracy all were great this episode ,The confused-religioned Tracy and his relation with Elena after sex. Meghan and her fight with Sean after cutting her off his trees project with Richard. It was so great how everything end at the party,specially ofcourse between Ben and Felicity.

    The cliffhanger at the end is really great,I wish i know how can anyone stand waitting for over 4 months to countain the episode,It's a real great idea in fact..

    By the way although i got the next CDs but i'm going to see it by the next month. and already i can't wait..moreless
  • This is really a great episode – with an ending that leaves you craving for more ... a real cliffhanger.

    I can’t get over the ending – I didn’t watched this show the first time around, but they are doing a re-run and this episode is by far the best one yet – I love a good cliff-hanger.

    Very interesting, also to find out that Noel is not over Felicity and heart warming to see that Felicity and Ben are secure enough with each other for Felicity to work with Noel and Ben to protect Molly.

    This show is really good – I’m embarrassed to admit I was a big sceptic back when the show first aired and never watched an episode despite all my friends ranting on about it - but I definitely are going to see how this ends.moreless
Eddie Cahill

Eddie Cahill


Guest Star

Juanita Jennings

Juanita Jennings

Pastor Cathy

Guest Star

Steve Eastin

Steve Eastin

Fire Marshal Howard

Guest Star

Robert Patrick Benedict

Robert Patrick Benedict

Richard Coad

Recurring Role

Donald Faison

Donald Faison


Recurring Role

Sarah-Jane Potts

Sarah-Jane Potts


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    • Ben: I always remember this one thing a teacher said, which was: all the interesting people she knew, they had no idea what they were gonna do with their lives when they were twenty. So, chances are I'm gonna turn out to be a pretty interesting guy. For some reason Felicity cares about me and on a good day, I feel like I might become everything she sees in me, and it's because of that, and it's because of about a million other reasons, that she means...she means pretty much the world to me.

    • Noel: You think the turtle looks okay there?
      Felicity: Yeah, why?
      Noel: I dunno, he's...he's such a loser.
      Felicity: He is not.
      Noel: Yeah. I think he is.

    • Meghan: You guys are doing the trees?
      Sean: Yeah, I told you that.
      Meghan: Are you gonna cut me in?
      Sean: Meghan.
      Meghan: I'm holding a whip.

    • Felicity: (to Ben) Why are you so angry? Because my mom made you admit that you have no plans or because you have no plans?

    • Ben: I think that she set me up.
      Felicity: Okay, you know what? My mom is a lot of things, but she is not a cruel person.
      Ben: I don't think you have to a cruel person to be cruel.

    • Sean: Okay, we're gonna need a bigger boat.

    • Ben: I don't understand how you spent a second with that guy. I mean, the guy's not just a crackhead or an addict or a dealer, he's a dick. A total dick!

  • NOTES (3)

    • On the original air night, the episode ended with a "to be continued April 2001," which was 4 months apart.

    • Featured Music:
      "Amsterdam" by Sebastian Robertson & Raney Shockne
      "Swingle Bells" by Brad Hatfield Trio
      "Bubble Bath" by Javier Mosley
      "Silent Night" by The Accidentals
      "O Tannenbaum" by Vince Guaraldi
      "O Little Town of Bethlehem" by Mark Stephen Ross
      "O Christmas Tree" by Mark Stephen Ross
      "We Three Kings" by Mark Stephen Ross
      "My Christmas Present is You" by Black Toast Music
      "We Three Kings" by Danny Pelfrey
      "Jingle Bells" by New York Latin All-Stars
      "Sometimes" by Spearhead
      "Love'll Set Me Free" by Spearhead
      "Absurd" by Fluke

    • David Smigelski, who plays one of Randy's frat buddies, is credited for the episode but does not appear. Apparently, Ben and Barbara's meeting with Casey (who mentioned either Ben's attack on Randy or the fraternity's retaliation) was filmed, but cut due to time constraints.