Season 2 Episode 20

Ben Was Here

Aired Unknown May 03, 2000 on The WB

Episode Recap

Felicity and Greg pull up to a beautiful cabin in the woods in Rhinebeck. Right behind them, Ben pulls up in a taxicab. Ben watches from afar, he clearly doesn't want to be seen. Using Sean's cell phone, he phones Sean back at Dean & DeLuca where Sean has agreed to pick up his shift. Sean has a new invention he is introducing to Javier, "schream" which is a combination of sugar and cream all in one cube. Back at the dorm as Meghan puts on her makeup, a pipe in the ceiling starts leaking. She stops it with her gum. At Noel and Elena's apartment, Elena and Julie talk about Ruby and Wade's impending arrival. Tracy shows up with his friend Vincent and announces the two are going to take down the wallpaper and paint the apartment.

Reluctantly, Elena agrees. Meanwhile, Greg and Felicity are floating in a boat at the lake while Ben watches from afar, reporting the events to Sean by cellphone. He feels guilty and wants to just leave, seeing that the two are happy. Javier and Sean insist he stay and "complete his mission" and Javier announces he is going to apply for college the upcoming year. Noel and Ruby discuss Wade's upcoming visit over which Ruby is quite nervous. Back in Felicity's dorm room, the pipe has really started leaking and ultimately bursts, sending Meghan into the hallway in a flood of water. Elsewhere, Greg and Felicity are having dinner at the cabin. When Greg leaves to get firewood, Ben sneaks up and scares Felicity at the window. Before he can even get a word in edgewise when they meet at the door, Felicity lambasts him for exposing Greg's past drug use and slams the door on him. Greg returns and angrily finds out about Ben's dropping by, realizes that Felicity is obviously not over him, and goes to the car to head back to school.

Elena, Noel, and Julie return to Noel's apartment to discover it rendered unlivable due to Tracy's toxic attempts to remove the wallpaper. Smoke is everywhere. They've apparently used the wrong chemicals. Felicity returns to find a flooded dorm, everyone wading around in the water with flashlights, and the news that everyone is bunking in the cafeteria until the mess is resolved. Over at the loft Sean is showing off his new invention: a motorized rotary marshmallow roaster. Elena, Noel, and Julie are indulging on homemade smores. Ben returns home, defeated, but is happy to hear that Felicity also returned back to school. In the cafeteria, everyone is camping out on makeshift beds. Felicity comes over to Greg and apologizes for spoiling their weekend, says Ben is in the past, and invites him out to dinner for the next night. He accepts. Ruby and Felicity talk in their beds in the cafeteria about what made Felicity chase Ben to New York in the first place. The yearbook entry is brought up, and Felicity relives the memory with Ruby, who thinks the entry must have been pretty remarkable if it made her do something so out of character. Felicity opens the yearbook and reads it with a flashlight in the cafeteria.

Over at Dean & DeLuca, Javier learns from Felicity that she didn't forgive Ben and tries to convince her that he really cares about her. Julie drops by and convinces Felicity to come stay with the gang at the loft. Felicity agrees and gets permission to bring Ruby along too. Everyone is now at Sean's loft. Sean shows up with a variety of board games. Meghan also arrives. Ben looks over at Felicity, and vice versa. Sean is staring at Julie. Noel is giving Ruby little looks. In the midst of it all, Sean gets a phone call and finds out that the Independent Film Channel wants to buy his "Docuventary." In the middle of the excited cheering, Sean leans over and plants a huge kiss on Julie. She is stunned, as is everyone else in the loft. After a deafening silence, Wade shows up and he and Ruby leave. Greg shows up and he and Felicity leave. Tracy and Elena go out to eat. Ben goes to his room. Julie goes to her room. Sean and Meghan are left on the couch together and play Operation. Meghan tells Ben that he should go after Felicity because she wants him too. When asked how she's sure, Meghan replies with her "Sarah McLachlan Theory" which is that there is a correlation between when Felicity plays Sarah's CD's and when she's in love with Ben (and right now, Mirrorball is in the boom box). She says that if Ben doesn't get to Felicity soon, Sarah might be shelved permanently. Ben decides to go after her.

At the restaurant, Felicity learns that Ben came to apologize to Greg. She suddenly seems to reconsider him again, and seems disillusioned in the meal. Ben shows up and finally proclaims his love for Felicity. Back at the loft, Julie asks Sean why he kissed her, and he too admits being passionately in love with her. She seems stunned. At the restaurant, in a fit of anger, Greg gets up and punches Ben in the face. After telling Ben he should ice his injury, she gets up and goes after Greg, leaving Ben shell-shocked on the floor of the restaurant.

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