Season 1 Episode 21


Aired Unknown May 11, 1999 on The WB

Episode Recap

Abby, Dean & DeLuca's officious new manager, leaves Felicity in charge while she is away. If she does a good job, she will be promoted to assistant manager. Abby orders Felicity to fire Danny, an irresponsible employee. Felicity does this, but Danny keeps showing up for work anyway. Ben is unable to pay off his debt to the campus bookie, who asks him to collect from others. He refuses to do this. Ben learns that he will soon be kicked out of school unless he can find a way to pay his tuition.

Sean agrees to co-sign a loan, but the bank refuses to approve it because Sean owes money to one of his suppliers. When Julie learns of his problems, Ben angrily refuses her suggestion that he call his parents for help. Barry, the bookie, comes to the bar and harasses Ben. Ben embarrasses him by knocking him down in front of everyone, so the guy calls his frat brothers and has them beat up Ben.

After the assault, Ben vanishes for 24 hours. He finally resurfaces on Felicity's doorstep. She convinces him to tell his mother about his financial problems. Felicity asks Danny to close up while she is helping her friends search for Ben. He does such a good job that Abby gives him the promotion that had been earmarked for Felicity. (The implausible excuses he had given to explain absences from work--such as helping at an orphanange--were all legitimate.)

Noel lets Richard stay with him while a heating problem in Richard's room is repaired. Noel receives a summer internship in Berlin. Felicity's reaction to the news leaves him puzzled, but they later kiss. Elena fills in for Dr. McGrath's assistant. They develop a friendship, and she asks him out to dinner.
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