Season 2 Episode 5


Aired Unknown Oct 24, 1999 on The WB

Episode Recap

Noel is hooked on a Playstation video game; Felicity's Art teacher asks her if she would go on a date with her son David; Felicity tells her teacher that she can't and goes to tells Elena and Julie about the blind date proposal; Julie suggests that dating "B-list people" is a good way to get over Ben changing her mind about going; Over at Dean and Deluca Maggie asks Ben to come over to her apartment in a conversation which Felicity overhears; Back at Noel's apartment Noel and Elena become obsessed with the video game; Meanwhile Felicity is out on the date from Hades with David who is responding to her attempts at conversation with one-word grunts and starts speaking to the waitress in French; Felicity gets up and calls Elena for help but gets no answer, so she calls Julie and Julie recommends that she leave; Felicity tells David the date has been a nightmare in French (revealing that she understood his conversation with the waitress all along) and leaves; Ben goes to Maggie's (Teri Polo) and they are interrupted as they are about to kiss by a phone call, so Ben invites Maggie to dinner the next night and leaves; Felicity goes to Elena's & Ben's Apartment, where she finds them utterly consumed by the Playstation Video game and completely unresponsive to her; David stops by Felicity's and asks for a 2nd Date to which Felicity says No, commenting on how rude he was on their date; David apologizes sincerely and explains that he has not dated for months and leaves; After their dinner date Ben invites Maggie up to his loft where she meets Sean and is asked to taste his new condiment; Ben gets Sean to leave so he and Maggie can start kissing; Maggie stays the night but when they wake up she dresses hurriedly, says she will call him later, and says she doesn't feel this whole thing is such a good idea, upsetting and confusing Ben; David shows up at Dean & Deluca bringing a rose and some cookies for Felicity and tries once more to get her to agree to a second date--finally she says yes; Still obsessed with their video game, Elena & Noel need help to beat the game so Elena gets some cheat info from a 7 year old kid, who Noel (not realizing it is a child he is dealing with) screams at on the phone for not helping him beat the game; Felicity goes on the 2nd date with David, which goes very well, they realize just how alike they are, hold hands, and he asks for a 3rd date before leaving her at the dorm; Felicity goes to Noel's apartment and he asks her if she wants to "hang out" like old times and get a cup of coffee together; Felicity does not tell Noel about her dates with David, and we are given a sneaking suspicion that Felicity's feelings for Noel have not yet faded completely.