Season 1 Episode 20


Aired Unknown May 04, 1999 on The WB

Episode Recap

The show opens with Sean asking Ben to participate in his latest get rich quick idea, a documentary about college life; Noel suggests Sean call it a docuventary; Ben's father has decided not to pay his tuition so Ben resumes gambling; Noel and Felicity meet to talk and admit that they both hurt one another alot, but Felicity thinks they can start over and become friends again, Noel agrees; Felicity's meeting with Noel caused her to miss her seminar with Dr. McGrath during which instructions for the final project were explained and partners were assigned; Dr. McGrath breaks the news that Felicity will have to work alone; During Noel's segment of discussion with Sean and his camera, Noel reveals that he is unsure whether he can forgive Felicity for sleeping with Eli, and that the image of them together is not easy to get out of his mind; Sean suggests Noel visit a hypnotist; Lynn stops by Dean & Deluca to invite Ben to go bowling and Ben hands over his paycheck to Lynn to bet on a Clipper's game; Felicity goes to see Noel to use his computer for her seminar project, and at first he doesn't mind her in his room, but finally admits that he doesn't have the capacity that she does to just act like friends again and she leaves his room; Noel goes to the hypnotist who tries to get him to envision a field full of blooming flowers whenever the image of Eli and Felicity enters his mind; During Felicity's segment of discussion with Sean and his camera, Felicity says that relationships are hard and you don't always end up with the person you thought you would; Ben and Julie are hanging out at Lynn's bar and Ben is stressfully listening to the Clipper's game on the radio; Ben's team loses and he tells Lynn in a desperate panic that he is wiped clean and needs a loan; Lynn says he is afraid Ben is getting himself in too deep with the gambling and is worried about him; Tempers escalate between Ben and Lynn and soon they are fighting on the floor of the bar, Sean tapes the whole thing; Noel talks with Sean and says his relationship with Felicity is over; Sean shows Noel a portion of his footage where Felicity admits that she loves Noel; Noel finds Felicity outside an elevator in the dorm and tells her he loves her too and that he is sorry it took all of the mess between them that it did to finally admit it; The episode ends with Felicity and Noel on camera saying that they are going to see how things go between them from now on; Sean prods them on camera to kiss one another for a "happy ending" to his docuventary; They refuse, and get up to leave.
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