Season 1 Episode 20


Aired Unknown May 04, 1999 on The WB



  • Trivia

    • When Sean is interviewing Julie for his "Docuventary" and Noel walks in, the camera's side screen gets some action. When Noel first walks in, the camera's side screen is open, then without any of the characters making any advances towards it, the side screen is closed, then open, then finally closed yet again.

  • Quotes

    • Sean: Noel, you guys mean more to each other than you think. Go talk to her! You know, really try and make this better! Fight for that relationship, and... let me videotape it.
      Noel: No. It's over. OK, the fact is, I mean even... even if you forget for just a second that we both did horrible things to each other, Felicity never felt for me what I felt for her. And that's just the truth.

    • Meghan: If they get back together I'm gonna throw up, and I'm not kidding, I'm gonna vomit on this carpet. And you can videotape it.

    • Guy: Where are you going?
      Noel: A hypnotist.
      Guy: Oh. (Pause) You know, you said that just like it was a normal answer.

    • Sean: What's it like living with Felicity?
      Meghan: It's like living with a TV. That's always playing Little House on the Prairie. Only with more sweaters...
      Sean: Anything else?
      Meghan: Yeah. If Noel asks me one more time if I've seen Felicity, I'm gonna kill him! Are you listening, Mr. R.A.? Here's the answer, for the rest of your life--'I HAVEN'T SEEN FELICITY!'

    • Felicity: You know my pasta theory?
      Noel: Yeah, I saw it was linguini. I'm sorry.

    • Elena: I've made some really good friends here. Felicity, for example. That's my girl. And I'm with her all the time, going through her stuff like it's mine. And when it's hard for her, it's hard for me. I can't help it.

    • Lynn (to Ben): What? You're a little cuter than me, but I kick your ass in the pool.

    • Noel: I can't believe I'm telling you this.
      Sean: I know. I should've had my camera going.

    • Guy: But now it's this year, and I've got two tickets. And you know what that means.
      Elena: Yeah. You're gonna be rejected by a whole series of girls.
      Guy: Exactly!

    • Sean: Can you make him think water is lemon juice?
      Hypnotist: Yeah. That's easy.
      (Noel spits out water.)

    • Sean: Do you have an opinion about Felicity and Noel?
      Meghan: Yeah. First of all, no one cares less than me. Second of all, GET OVER IT, Noel! She slept with an artist, it doesn't matter!

    • Noel: So you want me to change my life so you can make a better documentary?
      Sean: Would you mind?

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