Season 2 Episode 22

Final Answer

Aired Unknown May 17, 2000 on The WB
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Felicity and Ben try to avoid one another until the end of finals, but cannot keep their hands off each other. They plan to spend the summer together in Palo Alto, where Ben has taken a construction job to pay for his tuition. Felicity's art history professor mentions the possibility of an internship at a museum, provided that she performs well on the final. Ben rents a hotel room to unwind after completing his finals. Felicity joins him, although she has yet to take her art history exam. They lose track of time while making out naked, and Felicity misses her final. Ben secretly tracks down the professor and takes responsibility for Felicity's absence. Professor Morton agrees to give Felicity one day to complete a take-home essay. Ben helps her complete the paper overnight; she gets an A and is offered the internship. Julie agrees to a date with Sean, who begins obsessing over every detail. Ruby reveals that Wade has asked her to marry him, and plans to accept for the good of her child. Noel asks her to stay, expressing a willingness to commit to her. Sean, Richard and Ruby catch Julie and Noel making out. Sean is heartbroken, but winds up sharing a kiss with Meghan. Noel tries to explain that he was under the influence of Meghan's "smart cookies." Ruby is not angry with Noel, but feels that she is placing unreasonable demands on him. She decides to move back into her parents' house. Tracy announces that he wants to sleep with Elena after all. Meghan warns Elena of the dangers of coming between Tracy and his spirituality. Elena pushes Tracy away, although he initially has trouble understanding her decision.moreless

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  • Ben and Felicity are really in love... Ruby's story reach to the end.

    So the final answer was an episode about the final exams .. it's pretty differant than the previous year .this time Felicity sure that she wants to be with Ben ..they finally get back together ,and this time as lovers.

    But the real best part at this episode that how Ruby deal with her life with her child.. she wont marry Wade, may be it's a good thing.. but she also won't countain the collage, which is the worest thing she'd do. it's kinda a lesson for every girl at her age.. to be careful for her relations.. Ruby lose the collage life forever.. as she said to Noel at her last scene how much she's not like anyother girl in the collage., she's not belonge to there anymore.. It was one of the saddest scenes . How everything change to Ruby.. since she was need from Felicity a Computer help and Megan told her about Noel, till that moment when she saw Noel kissing Julie... Great Storyline

    In this episode also we see how the story between Sean and Julie ends, not with a good way.

    it's really reach episode ..but some of the scenes were could be better specially those about the students exams.moreless
Elaine Kagan

Elaine Kagan

Mary Morton

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Ian Gomez

Ian Gomez

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Robert Patrick Benedict

Robert Patrick Benedict

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Amy Smart


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    • Ruby: Hi (Pause) I wanna to say goodbye.
      Noel:Look,Ruby. the kiss with Julie...
      Ruby:No no, It's not about the kiss with Julie .. yeah actually in a way it is, because that what you should be doing. You should be kissing girls and dating and having fun ,that what college is. I just don't fit in that world anymore , as much as I wish I did.
      Look the Truth is this, if I wasnt pregnant ..we'd have a stupid fight about Julie, and I'd forgive you and we'd hang out and grab a bite and study and kiss.. I can't do that anymore. I have to go home. I told Wade the same thing.

    • Meghan: (to Sean and Richard) You guys are like two creepy pornographers...
      Sean: Oh, come on!
      Meghan: Let me finish. That I used to date.

    • Meghan (to Elena): Let me explain something to you. You sleep with a religious virgin, it's like he's breaking up with God to date you. And let me tell you, from personal experience. You do not want to be the Yoko in a man's relationship with the Lord.

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