Season 3 Episode 10

Final Touches

Aired Unknown Dec 06, 2000 on The WB

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  • Season Three Getting better..

    So Molly in a real problem..that still the main storyline so far.. At this well written episode we see a real development at Ben's character specially about his anger controll, he was so cool at that James scene when he came to the house asking about Molly. -In fact it was one of the most exciting scenes during this season.-
    The conflict story about Felicity's exam and the project with Noel was so nice too which remind me with the early seasons, how much it really show a real collage life, the whole TA thing about Noel, studying, Noel's computer projects, I loved also that scene with both Noel and Felicity studying,with Ben at the same room.,It was very sweet.
    Sean ,Meghan and Richard and the whole calender story is very funny and It's was so great seeing things getting fine with them again-I mean Sean and Meghan sure.-

    The ending of this episode ,so much like the previous one, is an open end.. we still don't know what going to happend between Molly and James.. and what may happend after Tracy and Elena finally have sex.

    I can see a something may happend between Noel and Felicity,also Ben and Molly... But i just hope i'd be wrong..

    Can't wait to see the next episode.