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How is Elena alive?

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    [1]Jul 22, 2006
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    Can someone please explain to me how Elena is alive in the last scene of this last episode? If they're trying to sell the whole Felicity-was-just-dreaming-about-going-back-in-time thing, it still doesn't make sense. I mean, Ben still cheated and his cheating resulted from Felicity's focus on school after Elena's death. Likewise, if they're saying that Felicity really did go back in time and alter things, then why would she ever have decided to go to med school after all and gotten consumed, leading Ben to still cheat? It just doesn't make sense to me one way or the other.

    If anyone has a logical explanation and a good way to explain it to me, I'd be happy to hear it!

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    [2]Jul 22, 2006
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    When I saw Elena at the end, I first thought she had come back as a ghost! LOL
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    [3]Jul 22, 2006
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    yeah i know i was confused to i think they clear it up on the S4 DVD i dont remeber it properly but this is quote from someone trying to explain it
    "It really doesn't make any sense to me, either. JJ has said that they left out a scene explaining why Elana is alive because of time constrant. He puts it in the dvd extras for season 4. Apparently, before Felicity went back in time, she wrote Elana a note telling her not to go to Columbia Medical School (where she was in a car accident and died) but to instead attend Duke Medical School which is apparently what Elana did and that is why she is alive at the end. BUT I still don't buy it because it only confuses me more and opens up many more doors for more questions. If Felicity could write a note to change the future, why didn't she drop herself a line so that she wouldn't sleep with Noel. It's really rediculous when you think about it. When Fel went back in time, everyone else was the same, when Felicity woke up Elana to give her that note, Elana thought Fel was out of her mind (she told her that she was going back to sleep and would see her tomorrow). The next day when Elana woke up and saw Felicity (who had returned), Elana would have shown Fel the note and Felicity wouldn't know what was going on because the "other" Fel wrote it before she went back (I know, this is soooo confusing). They would have had a laugh and preceeded to go to class.

    If Elana was alive then Noel would be dead..end of conversation. I think that
    the writers wanted Tangi in the finale because she was the main character for 4 years and they underestimated the intellect of their audience by trying to expain it away with some lame story. JJ had moved on and got a little sloppy with the plot...and that's okay...but it was a dream. If it wasn't, then why did Ben still appologize when Felicity woke up? Is any of this making sense...."

    it still doesnt explain how tracy was back i thought she was a ghost too..but i was glad she was back for the last episode
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    [4]Aug 3, 2006
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    I would say that the reason she is in the last scene is because it was real. In the end when Sean is talking and they are all laughing and crying is because Sean wasn't talking about Noel and his wedding he was talking about the show and all that kind of stuff. I mean they dint explain it very well if she did go back in time or not. But the scene when Felicity told Elena not to go to Columbia was cut out for a reason. I think that they wanted you to think think it was a dream and Elena was just there cuz it was the final show and everyone should be there for Sean's final speech. The thing that I think she should have done when she went back in time if they didn't want you to think it was a dream is that after she tells Ben that she slept with Noel and later he tells her that he wants to get past it and be with Felicity she should have taken that as a hint that if she had just told him in the first place he would not have went off with Lauren therefor not going to Arizona and they both would have prolly stayed in New York and went to medical school. Ben would not have cheated with Claire... end of Felicity's problems. Then they could have kept in the scene with Elena and everything would kinda make sense. Well that is just my opinion.
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    [5]Aug 10, 2006
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    i was confused as to why Elena was there in the last scene, too. but i figured that the writers just needed a great scene where the whole cast was happy to cap of the (amazing) series.  the excuse that the writers give for elena's presence is probably sloppy.  i think they decided to have elena alive and just figured out some excuse for her to be there, therefore, the excuse is probably a weak one.

    another thing... i'm getting the impression that everyone thinks the whole travelling back in time was a dream.  does everyone believe that?  i personally think that it was not a dream.. actually, that thought had barely crossed my mind.  not that it would be a fact one way or another, but i think it was "real".  andi think that it would've been really cool if somehow, there was a snipit of Paul V..(something) giving felicity a knowing and sneaky smile while passing her on the street or something. 

    .. so everyone thinks it was a dream?

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    [6]Apr 7, 2012
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    Even if the time traveling WAS all a dream, Elena still would've been dead - she died 6 months before Noel's wedding, remember?

    Apparently there are some deleted scenes from the end of season 4 where Felicity warns Elena not to go to the school she was going to go to, which means she doesn't end up dying -- kind of like how Marty McFly saves Doc's life in the Back to the Future movies by leaving him a note in the past? Not sure what possessed the editors to leave that explanation out though -- that's a rather important plot point, don't you think? Instead it's just like, "Oh just kidding! Elena's alive and we don't feel like telling you how it happened." I mean, really??

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