Season 2 Episode 7

Getting Lucky

Aired Unknown Nov 14, 1999 on The WB

Episode Recap

In brief (for those who don't want all the sundry details): Felicity finds a lost dog which she names Lucky; Sean confesses his love for Julie; and Ben & Maggie take their relationship to dangerous levels. Summary: Felicity has spent her first night with David and Elena wants to know all the candid details (they didn't sleep together yet). Felicity finds a stray dog she names Lucky and brings him to stay with Noel and Elena, but Noel is allergic. David and Felicity make plans to rent a video and spend the night together. Elena hopes Felicity will "score." Maggie drops by Dean and DeLuca to say she's still interested in Ben. Julie walks around in her bra in the loft and we see that Sean is clearly becoming infatuated with her but has not admitted it yet. David agees to take Lucky and the two start to get it on, but are stopped when Felicity sees Lucky watching. The two never end up sleeping with one another because of continual distractions from the dog. Ben and Sean talk briefly about Ben's concerns about sleeping with a married woman. Maggie gives Ben a key to her hotel roomn, which he finally uses after some hesitation. Elena agrees to watch Lucky if David and Felicity actually have sex. Noel calls in the middle of David and Felicity's makeout session to say that the dog has bitten him, but not to worry about it since she's busy. Felicity lies and says she has to go pick up the dog -- David is getting increasingly frustrated with Felicity's avoidance. Noel and Felicity discuss the "mystery" of their relationship, in that they never slept with one another. A vet diagnoses Lucky with incurable distemper. Felicity decides to put the dog to sleep and does so with the comfort of David and Noel. Maggie's husband shows up at Dean and DeLuca asking for Ben to prepare an anniversary cake for his wife, and Ben is clearly taken aback and nervous. Felicity finally admits to not being ready to sleep with David and using the dog as an excuse. Moments after her admission, they have sex. Noel and Felicity sit talking about the mysteries of their relationship now both having had sex with their respective partners, but still not with each other.