Season 3 Episode 12


Aired Unknown Apr 18, 2001 on The WB
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Elena is wounded in the shoulder; but the only person to sustain serious injuries in the shooting is some girl that no one had ever seen before. Ben accompanies Avery in the ambulance and urges her to fight for her life. She flatlines for a moment, but the paramedics are able to revive her. Avery eventually recovers from her injuries. She showers Ben with expensive gifts and fully admits to a romantic interest in him, much to Felicity's dismay. Noel becomes extremely depressed after the shooting. He cheers up a little after sleeping with Avery. Elena signs up for a self-defense class in the hopes of regaining her self-confidence, and frightens Felicity with her aggressive behavior. Felicity refuses to accompany Elena to the class, but changes her mind when Avery decides to attend. Felicity enjoys the tremendous satisfaction of getting to flip Avery in the air and slam her to the ground. Tracy returns from Africa a month early. Elena learns that he is dating someone he met on the trip. She assumes that they are together because the girl is religious and will not pressure Tracy to have sex. However, she finds a condom in Tracy's wallet. Elena tearfully tells Felicity that Tracy never loved her. Meghan works as a teaching assistant at an elementary school for her work study. She is ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation after teaching witchcraft to a bullied little girl. After the shooting and James' arrest, a guilt-ridden Molly decides to go back to England for a while.moreless

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  • After a great cliffhanger last episode.... We got "Avery" !!

    So .. 3,4 months we've been waitting...what happend after James mystery shoot? we got Avery...a new character who got the shoot from the last episode... Which I guess it's like season filler.. a hasty crush between Avery and Ben who help her after the shoot. and to be something to make a problem between Felicity and Ben soon I guess after about a year of a real loving relationship between them.

    It was real disappointing character to be added. and I guess one of the season's worest storyline. Noel... Well 3 months wasn't enough to get over the shoot day,BUT one night with Avery is !!!

    Elena ,I hope she got over Tracy, It's nice story development. Meghan -My favorite witch- got also a nice funny story,about teaching something she was really interested about since we know her, It was so funny and we'll wait to see the consequences of that.

    One notic.. I like the soundtrack so much which was at this episode final scene between Ben and Avery. It was once there at the last scene between Noel and Ruby last year..

    Also at this episode they back to the old end theme music that been used at the frist 2 seasons.

    Finally.. I guess this episode wasn't as I've expected after the great previous one.moreless
  • Ben helps Avery, a student who is shot and later has a crush on him. Felicity is suspicious of Avery's attention to Ben. Noel is affected by his near shooting and has sex with Avery. Megan teaches witchcraft to kids and Tracey breaksup with Elena.moreless

    This show focused on a new character, Avery, who was shot in the last episode. While she did look incredibly creepy as a dying woman in an ambulance with a concerned Ben, I didn\'t like that the show revolved around her. I\'m glad Felicity quickly caught on that she was manipulating her and Ben and enjoyed Felicity taking Avery down in the self-defense class. The rest of the show was mostly filler, with Elana believing Tracey is sleeping with a new girlfriend and Megan (my least favorite character) teaching witchcraft to schoolkids. The show ends with Ben wondering how his experience with Avery and the shooting has affected him. Perhaps this will have a lasting affect on him and his relationship with Felicity.moreless
Kristin Lehman

Kristin Lehman

Avery Swanson

Guest Star

Tyler Christopher

Tyler Christopher


Guest Star

Daphnée Duplaix Samuel

Daphnée Duplaix Samuel


Guest Star

Sarah-Jane Potts

Sarah-Jane Potts


Recurring Role

Donald Faison

Donald Faison


Recurring Role

Ian Gomez

Ian Gomez

Javier Clemente Quintata

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    • Noel: When Avery wants something, she wants it.

    • Felicity: I mean, I straight out asked her if she was interested in you and she said yes. No one says yes to that question. You know what I think? I think she's an evil person. I think she's unabashedly evil.

    • Noel: I can tell by the glazed look in your eyes that you're getting sick of me or you're really hungry.

    • Felicity: Hi, we're on the list. Felicity Porter plus one.
      Noel: That's me, I'm plus one, I have no identity of my own.

    • Meghan: This is weird.
      Sean: What?
      Meghan: We had a fight and we didn't break up.
      Sean: Yeah, it's possible.
      Meghan: Wow.

    • Meghan: This is a big deal for me, Sean.
      Sean: Meghan!
      Meghan: I have never wanted to anything with my life that was even remotely legal, let alone worthwhile.

    • Felicity: It's not like she's that cute.
      : Okay.
      Felicity: She's not. Is she?
      Noel: From a guy's point of view, for what it's worth, she isn't an ugly person.

    • Felicity: You know, that stuff'll kill you.
      Noel: Something will. Might as well be spray cheese.

    • Ann: The leather frightens the children... and all of the faculty. I know it's different in college, but you're a professional here, and we expect you to dress like one.
      Meghan: So, you want me to wear my bra under my shirt.
      Ann: If it wouldn't be a bother.

    • Meghan: You know, the kids aren't so bad.
      Sean: See!
      Meghan: It's the teachers that suck.

    • Felicity: Noel, what are you doing?
      : Uh, I'm eating Ding-Dongs, taking solace in Ding-Dongs.

    • Meghan: I'm working with midgets.
      Sean: They're called little people.
      Meghan: Kids.

    • Javier: Can you believe people can just go out and get a gun, like it was a piece of candy instead of a piece? You know, they say that guns don't kill people, people kill people. But that's like saying, butter knives don't spread butter on bread, people spread butter on bread. But you know, I mean, of course, that's true, but that doesn't make it a smart thing to say.

    • Noel: You know when a plane crashes, how you see people on the news who were supposed to be on that plane, but because of, like, horrific traffic on the way to airport, they didn't make the flight. Well, that's what happened, except it wasn't traffic, it was… it was my shoe.

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