Season 3 Episode 4

Greeks and Geeks

Aired Unknown Oct 25, 2000 on The WB

Episode Recap

Noel tells Sean he's interviewing for a computer job at the university. Sean calls him a geek. Noel says he'll make a lot of money off of it, and he won't be late with the rent. Sean's satisfied until Meghan comes in and starts her new job – phone sex operator. Sean tells her she should stop because it bothers him. She tells him to get over it.

Felicity is having a hard time sleeping in Julie's old room. Julie's foster mom called, and Felicity told her Julie was in class. Felicity can't concentrate because she's worried about Julie. She wasn't prepared for her French class, and the impression was that she bombed her philosophy midterm. After calling Julie's FM and telling her Jules bailed, she thinks it's her fault that Julie left because FM ripped her a new butthole about it. Ben is very supportive (gold star for Ben) and tells her it wasn't. Julie foster mom was only saying that stuff because she was upset. It doesn't help because Felicity is still depressed.

Noel interviews with the geek in charge of student tech support. The guy is really freaky, referring to his Macs as "buddies" and PCs as women because they are harder to get know. He tells Noel he's going to test his computer knowledge and before he leaves the room, he gives Noel that Star Trek hand sign (ya know, that sign where your middle and ring fingers are spread apart forming a V). Reluctantly, Noel signs back.

Meghan is still phone sexing it up, and Sean's still being insecure. He tells her that every time she talks to one of her customers, she's having a mini-fling. She tells him that sex with them is like sex with him because it's short and she does all of the work (heh). He storms out.

Ben is helping Javier study for his citizenship test. Javier discovers that Ben is not planning to vote and gets on his case about it. He calls Ben a spoiled little man and gives a pro-democratic speech on the importance of voting. As a result of his "bitching," Ben registers for the election. Javier is happy and he aces his citizenship test.

Tracy is helping Noel brush up on his computer skills before the geek's test. He does something to screw up his old laptop so that Noel can fix it. Noel tries a first time and breaks through. The second time he can't. This is when Elena informs them that her paper is on the old laptop and they'd better get it working again. They call Noel's soon-to-be boss. He can't figure it out but after a while, Noel does. He's hired.

Meghan is worried about Felicity's mood. She and Molly decide to take her to a frat party. Jello shots galore. They all get blasted. Meghan ends up hurting her arm. Felicity ends up in some frat guy's bed. She doesn't know what happened and she doesn't know what to tell Ben about what did or didn't happen.
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