Season 3 Episode 4

Greeks and Geeks

Aired Unknown Oct 25, 2000 on The WB

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  • Why the new version sucks ???

    I miss Julie...alot. I really so sad and totally understand Felicity's and everyone's feelings.
    But isn't it so funny what Felicity did to get over that? it's totally not "Felicity". she was so reduiculas at this party. and where's everyone,how would they let her just like that.

    As well as does anyone know where Julie has been? what she's going to do? all what we know is "she's going to call'em" or something that we hardly heared from Felicity's lips when she answer Julie on phone.

    Also if you look colser to the opening credits you notic that they removed the only scene that Julie appeares in, it was there at the opening credits at the frist 3 episodes..but not anymore.. as a completly removing for Julie character.

    So i guess Felicity's strange night was a nightmare...a jumps the shark... and more much worest than what happend with Eli.

    For the rest of characters... The new version of Noel is a PC guy. which is normal development..and it was fun alittle bit.
    Meghan is so funny in her new work also and her and Sean are real funny nice couple.
    But after all, i still miss the old version, with Sally,the dorm,the classes,Julie,Medicin or art..... and even the soundtrack.