Season 2 Episode 11

Help for the Lovelorn

Aired Unknown Jan 23, 2000 on The WB
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In a special black and white episode patterned after The Twilight Zone, a mysterious customer offers Felicity advice on how to ease her constant heartache. Felicity visits a clinic, where she soon learns that the doctors use horrific methods to mend a broken heart. Felicity and her friends end up trapped in a small, bare room from which there is no escape. The contents of Meghan's box are revealed (for the purpose of this episode only).moreless

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  • Why is this episode so badly rated? It's apiece of the lead character's unconscious working! Did you figure out what was in Megan's box?

    It appears most people don't appreciate the genius of this episode and looking at Felicity's typical audience, it's completely understandable.

    Yet I feel like the reason this episode is so underrated is not because the average female 13 - 36 doesn't hold classic sci fi drama (which everyone now knows co-creator J.J. Abrams has a soft spot for) in some sort of esteem but because the average television audeince doesn't wish to speculate and analyze the situation they're handed. They want spectacle, dammit. Entertainment! Comfort! Relaxation! Escape. Hell, even a little pedagogy. Which is what Felicity has been up until this episode.

    Throwing in some metaphorical subconscious manifestation at your setlled demographic - even if it is your lead character's - and they might experience the same kind of horror Felicity shows at the end of the episode.

    So how was this episode? Amazing, I'm part of one little fragment within Felicity's demographic that I hope loved it as much I did. That is the pseudointellectual, fan girl, geek-loving, sci-fi hugging chica crowd. Did you look at the situation realize Noel was one of them before they revealed it? Do you have a theory for what's really in Megan's box thanks to the clues Abrahms left for this episode?

    The things that I found subversive but loved is how Elena is featured in this episode. You would never expect that from a Twilight Zone episode or any kind of television from the 50's would visibly display an equal to the main character but she was. She was the voice of reason throughout the episode.

    Hmmm what else did I love? The sparse design sets. Everything reduced to a minimal type structure of the more realistic slice we're routinely shown.

    The worst thing about this episode, like most of Felicity is that this episode doesn't have a ... re-view, re-watch value. I'm still working my way through Felicity so maybe I will find an episode that will testify to that, but I find it doubtful.

    I don't think I have anything else to say so I will... just be going...moreless
  • The only disappointing episode

    Im a big Felicity fan but I fully agree with the first review. This episode was a total disaster. It didn't add anything to the story as far as I'm concerned. First of all it didn't make any sense and is (to my opinion) not worth watching. The part where Megan finally shows the content of "THE BOX" is uterly silly. I really wonder what the writers and producers were thinking. What was also disappointing was the acting, especially from 'Julie' (Amy Jo Johnson). The dialogues should have been far more formal (considering that The Twilight zone series were from the sixties).moreless
  • Boring!

    Boring! Boring! Boring! The attempt to achieve the stylized look of the era that worked to great effect in the film Pleasantville failed miserably in this episode. The story was lackluster and neither Felicity nor Noel could carry off the melodramatic flair required to make this fun to watch. I kept thinking, "When will this be over?"

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • The word "Hey" was used only once. This is by far the fewest in an episode, as the previous low was 6 in Episode 1-22. The only "Hey" is uttered by Julie. Very few scenes start with any sort of greeting between characters, and the majority are more formal - consistent with the overall presentation and classic feel of the episode.

    • In this episode, Felicity has a very old phone model in her room. A woman from the clinic leaves a message on Felicity's answering machine. But how would such an old phone model have an answering machine?

  • QUOTES (2)

    • Noel: Love? Unbelievably overrated. Let me ask you a question, The Clinic guarantees that you will never have an aching heart again! Isn't that what you said you wanted?
      Felicity: Yes, but not anymore if not feeling heartache means not feeling anything, forget it! …I'll take all of love's pain, if it means I might get to feel some of love's happiness!

    • Felicity: Maybe this is hell.
      Julie: Hell? Stuck in a room with two cute guys like this?

  • NOTES (5)


    • Julie: Or maybe we're zoo animals for some superior race or pets for their kids.

      This refers to an episode of the original Twilight Zone, "Stopover in a Quiet Town," where a couple wakes up in a fake strange town where and finds out in the end that it had been kidnapped by aliens and become toys for a kid.

    • Noel: Maybe we've been abducted by aliens and this is a waiting room for some intergalactic slaughterhouse.

      This refers to an episode of the original Twilight Zone, possibly To Serve Man.