Season 4 Episode 4

Miss Conception

Aired Unknown Oct 31, 2001 on The WB

Episode Recap

Felicity hides her pregnancy test when Javier knocks on the bathroom door.

Javier coaches her on what to wear for the beauty pageant.

Felicity gets the bouffant from hell, and meets Sarah, a fellow contestant and singer. She finds out that the contest is based on: 40% interview 30% talent 30% looks Noel goes back to the school guidance counselor for advice and for a lead. The guidance counselor suggests that Noel take over his job since he is leaving.

Megan's father meets her for dinner and tells her that when he cuts her off from the family, it will be entirely: financially, personally, etc. He gives her a business card for a lawyer.

Felicity tells Elena that her period is late. Elena encourages her to take the test.

Megan comes home to find Sean working on a new shrimp dish for retail sale. She bashes his idea and tells him that she hopes that ten years from now he's still not making up new ideas. She's going to be more involved from now on and he should get used to it.

Felicity is pregnant, according to her pee test.

Ben forgot to withdraw from a bunch of classes he signed up for prior to becoming pre-med, and the withdrawal period ended.

Felicity tells Ben she has entered a beauty pageant. Ben wants to come watch her, but she's embarrassed.

Noel gets the job as guidance counselor, and Ben walks in to drop his classes.

Felicity has a blood test done to make sure she's pregnant.

She's harassed by the beauty pageant bitch, and decides she's going to do dance. Noel catches her practicing her dance. She tells him she thinks she might be pregnant. They are interrupted by Elena, and Noel leaves. Elena figures out that Felicity had sex with Noel.

Felicity refuses to elaborate on where she sees herself in the next five years when asked by the beauty pageant judges, probably ruining her chances.

Sean pitches his ideas to Megan, like a Lucite reading table, a restaurant called Before and After (only serving appetizers and desserts), a combo sleep mask/alarm clock. Megan spills the beans that if she's going to make a big sacrifice she has to make sure it isn't a mistake. She says that she's giving up a lot to be with him. She tells him her predicament.

Ben once again offers to go to the pageant and Felicity refuses. They kiss and Ben stays behind. He finds her blood test results sitting on her desk.