Season 4 Episode 2

My Best Friend's Wedding

Aired Unknown Oct 17, 2001 on The WB

Episode Recap

Felicity and Noel get up from the lounge chairs on Tar Beach and put on their clothes. Noel says that everything will be all right. Felicity doesn't think it is.

She goes downstairs and runs into Ben. He apologizes for his earlier behavior and admits that he was being a jerk. He offers to give her dinner and to have her stay and talk. Felicity claims to not feel well and goes back to her dorm.

Tracey and Elena come to Felicity to ask a favor because they know how much she believes in love and fidelity: they want her to conduct their vows because they can't find a minister. She agrees under duress. They leave, laughing at the hickey on her neck.

Sean finds condoms that play "here comes the bride" and thinks they should be passed out as favors at the wedding.

Megan insists on talking about Tracey and having sex. Sean fights with her asking her to cut it out. Megan bets Sean that she can get Tracey to kiss her for five seconds, full on the lips. Sean takes her bet.

Felicity tells Noel that she loves Ben and wants to tell him. Noel doesn't think that's a good idea.

Tracey and Elena dance together and Tracey offers himself to Elena. She says no.

Felicity talks to her therapist about whether to tell Ben. She feels like she's lying to the person she loves the most.

Richard accuses Noel of getting some. Noel makes up a lie and tells her he slept with "Sandy" who works in a pizza shop.

Javier hosts a wedding rehearsal with the whole gang.

Felicity claims to be emotional over Elena's wedding and tells Ben that she feels that "everything is changing and in a second, it could all disappear."

Sean continues to try to think of wedding favors: a CD of the couples favorite songs, fortune cookies, etc.

Ben comes to Noel to ask him what's wrong with Felicity.

Megan brings some ribbon to Tracey to ask him to choose which he prefers. Megan convinces him to put on some lip venom to get his lips tingling. Then she tries to grab him and kiss him. He tells her 'no, no, no!" and runs off.

Felicity overhears a woman named "Janet" who leaves a message on Ben's answering machine to tell him that she drove past "their hotel" and thought of him and that she was transferring to Columbia.

Noel tells Felicity she can tell Ben if she wants to and that she shouldn't worry about him.

Felicity and Ben have dinner. Felicity asks about Janet. Ben explains it away saying that he put off Janet by telling her that he had a girlfriend. Ben thinks that they have switched places in a way—Felicity doesn't have direction now, and he does. He thinks Felicity can't handle it. Felicity decides to let Ben think that's the reason why she's so upset. Ben says he'll do anything. Felicity asks for time apart.

Richard figures out that Felicity and Noel hooked up because of the hickey on her neck.

Ben visits Noel a second time to tell him that they broke up.

Elena confronts Megan about her trying to kiss Tracey. Megan admits it, but gets defensive and accuses Elena of only wanting to get married because they aren't having sex. Megan tells Elena that she owes her money for her ugly bridesmaid dress when Elena throws her out of the wedding.

Sean accuses Megan of not thinking about other people. He tells her she has to stop testing people by pushing them away to see how far she can go.

Elena wants to have sex with Tracey, but is interrupted by her thoughts of what Megan says. She asks him if they are getting married for the right reasons. They conclude they're doing it because they love each other.

Felicity goes to Tracey's aunt and uncle for a visit to get some advice on love. She asks for their secret to success: forgiveness and a short memory. "The heart gets stronger the more you use it."

Felicity goes back to her therapist to discuss her "drawer":

Felicity: Who do you think is in the drawer? Therapist: So it's a who? Felicity: No…you think it's Noel. Therapist: You chose him for a reason. Felicity: Well, he's my best friend. Therapist: You could have gone to any friend…..You want to be with Ben, but you also want to be with Noel. Am I wrong?

She doesn't want to let go of the guilt. Her therapist says, "I didn't realize what a frightened person you are. You don't want to look under the drawer. The guilt will only hide it for so long."

The big wedding day arrives. Felicity tells Elena she has to follow her heart—to not be nervous.

Megan apologizes and asks to be back in the wedding. "What do I know about marriage anyway? All Sean and I do is break up." Elena suggests that they're the couple who should really be getting married.

Noel suggests to Felicity that they make a pact to just forget about it and pretend it never happened. Felicity tells him that's not what she wants—she's still confused.

Javier says he doesn't have a good feeling about the wedding. Tracey is missing. Elena finds him and he, too, is uncertain about getting married. He says to Elena, "Are you marrying me because you love me or because you don't want to lose me. I'm not marrying you so I can have sex with you. I'm marrying you because I love you." Elena doesn't answer.

She announces to everyone that there will not be a wedding today. She tells them that Tracey and she decided it's not the right thing for them right now.

Megan turns to Sean and says, "What if you and I were each other's servants for life? Let's get married."

Felicity welcomes everyone to the wedding of two very close friends.

Both Ben and Noel gaze at Felicity as she acts as minister for the wedding. Ben and Felicity make eye contact, and he looks away.

The DJ plays the wedding song: "I Will Survive". The camera fades to black as Ben looks away.

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