Season 4 Episode 6

Oops...Noel Did It Again

Aired Unknown Nov 14, 2001 on The WB

Episode Recap

Noel struggles with the tedium of being a guidance counselor. He resolves to find another job and sets up four job interviews in one day. In the meantime, he calls housing on behalf of annoying twin sisters because they don't like their dorm. They wind up getting assigned to Elena and Felicity's apartment, where Richard keeps hitting on them repeatedly. The girls move Elena into another room and lose her suede coat in the move.

Felicity finds herself being asked out to lunch by Professor Corello. She goes, and during the meal, he takes her hand. Later, she gets up the guts to tell him it made her uncomfortable. He agrees that she should have been uncomfortable and tells her he's seeing someone. Just then, a female student walks in. He leaves with her, placing his hand on the small of the girl's back.

Sean and Megan try to come up with a name for their shirt company (Meganlomania or Sean's Shirts).

Ben asks Felicity to go on a sledding trip to Vermont for her birthday and gives her a Flexible Flyer as a gift. Ben discovers that his father is back in town, and is reticent to see him until he discovers that his father has liver failure from alcoholism. Ben's dad asks him to take on power of attorney and not put him on life support and to not take any painkillers. A woman, Lauren, accompanied his dad to Manhattan. She is just a friend. Ben's dad was her sponsor in Alcoholics Anonymous. She reprimands Ben for going against his father's wishes by putting him on life support.

Ben and Felicity cancel their birthday trip.

Noel sees Ben with a bouquet of flowers hugging his Dad's friend on the street. Noel assumes Ben is having an affair and confronts him in their apartment. Ben accuses him of still being in love of Felicity. He tells him that he is only sticking around their apartment so he can get closer to Felicity. He says, "You're never going to have her." Noel responds, "I already did."

Noel finds out he got a job. Noel tells Felicity what he told Ben. He apologizes. She is dumbfounded.

Ben goes to look in on his father. He says the doctor said that there's a chance he could get better and they would have some time together.
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