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Aired Unknown Sep 29, 1998 on The WB
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We meet Felicity Porter, a young girl that just finished high school, and who finally works up the nerve to ask Ben Covington, her longtime crush, to sign her yearbook. She makes an impulsive decision to attend college in New York City, to follow Ben, and she leaves her parents crushed, after abandoning her long-established plans to study medicine at Stanford. In NY, Felicity moves into the dorm and meets new friends, a standoffish girl Meghan, her resident advisor Noel, and aspiring guitar player Julie, as she's trying to find out more about Ben and get closer to him.moreless

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  • Meet Felicity Porter.

    After graduation Felicity was going to go to Sanford and be a doctor, it was what her and her parents had planned her whole life.

    After getting enough nerve to ask her high school crush to sign her year book Felicity decides to follow him to New York where he is going to school. Once she gets there she realizes she doesn't really know this gut at all and has made a bad decision. Her parents fly to New York to bail her out of trouble. She realizes that this is the first decision she has ever made on her own, and decides to stay.moreless
  • the Start of a Great Series

    I saw the very first episode of "Felicity" on September 17, 2006, the final day lof the WB. I saw this series years ago, but I forgot. This pilot episode has reminded me how great of a series like "Felicity." How I fell in love with Keri Russell. How beautiful she was. She is today. I caught her in the moive "Mission;Impossible 3," and she is my favorite in the movie, despite she wasn't on the big screen for long. I like Amy Jo Johnson and how appealing she was and she it today. The WB is no longer on the air, but reruns of that show will continue. I was a great pilot and a great start to a series.moreless
  • A pilot unlike any other!

    The first episode of Felicity immediately drew me as a fan towards the show. I have never seen a pilot episode that I could relate to so well, as well as feel for the character immediately.

    The episode is about a girl named Felicity, who has just graduated from high school and pretty much has her whole future planned out for her. However, things change at Graduation day when Ben Covington, (a guy that Felicity had a crush on for a long time) writes deep thoughts about her in her year book, even though they haven't ever talked. So, Felicity decides to be impulsive for once, and goes to New York to be with Ben, by enrolling in the fictional 'University of New York' (not to be confused with NYU). However, things look really bad when Ben doesn't even remember Felicity's name when he sees her in New York, and Felicity realizes how things don't turn out the way you plan them to. She must decide on whether to stay in New York or go back home.

    In a lot of shows, it takes at least one to two episodes before you actually get to know and feel for the character. However, when you see Felicity move all the way to New York, just to be with Ben, and then watch the look on her face when Ben doesn’t even remember her name during the photo shoot, your heart just goes out to her.

    This is not a dull moment in this episode. We meet some of the cast members such as Julie, Ben, Noel, and Megan (for a brief moment). You get to know more about Ben and about his lie that Felicity found out about. Some of the high points of this episode are when Felicity confronts Ben about her infatuation, the decision she makes in the end with her parents, when Julie befriends her after her emotional outbreak in class, and when Noel confesses his feelings for Felicity. Actually all the scenes are gripping in the pilot episode, but the ones mentioned above are just my favorite highlights.

  • A great Pilot

    Well, Frist i saw the begining of the episode at our local TV.. "Oh Damd, another high school stuff.on a TV show"

    But after 10 or 15 Min., after Ben's Letter i guess i get so atracted to this story and more and more attracted to know what going to happend.

    Well the Pilot have so much going on, alot of characters written perfect to make you want to know more about them, and more about thier relation in the futuer

    So in shortcut:

    Great Pilot...for Great 1st season.

  • An amazing show with an amazing cast. Despite having lower than expected ratings, the show rightfully deserved all the praise it received.

    The premise is a bit flimsy and shallow when you first hear it but thankfully the show goes much deeper than a girl following a boy across the country because she has a crush on him.

    The show is about a group of students at that transitionary position in life. Each one of them has come to college to figure out who they are and what they want to do for the rest of their lives. Some of them have a plan, some don't. The focal point of the show is quite naturally the namesake, Felicity Porter.

    The show simply works because its fun to watch a girl who used to have her life figured out, where things were predictable to all of a sudden being put in a situation where things don't go according to plan and where she's clearly in way over her head. She has to make decisions that her parents normally made for her, she has to take chances that she never would have made back in California, and she ultimately gets to experience the joys of her decision. But along with those joys, she also experiences pain and heartache like she's never had to experience. We end up admiring Felicity because she made a decision that seemed ludicrous at the time and in the end, led her to discover that deep down inside this shy reserved woman is an amazing strong person.

    A show is only as good as its supporting cast and in this case, Felicity is surrounded by a great cast. Forming the two points of the triangle are Ben and Noel, polar opposites of each other, played by Scott Speedman and Scott Foley respectively. Noel is the shy, awkward but intelligent RA who falls for Felicity almost instantly. Ben is the quiet, brooding jock who is the object of Felicity's affection. The rest of the cast includes the hilarious but little-seen Meghan, fellow braniac Elena, sweet but slightly eccentric entrepreneur Sean and cute, perky, but insecure Julie.

    Upon arriving immediately arriving in NY, Felicity realizes that once out in the real world, life rarely goes the way you want it to. She's quickly overwhelmed and almost decides to return home. Finding a strength she never knew she had, she decides to stick with her decision to come to NY which is ultimately why fans came back again and again.

    If ever there was a thing as perfect casting, it would be Keri Russell as Felicity Porter. She's able to bring Felicity's insecurities, idealism, and naivety to the screen while at the same time showing an amazing amount of strength and such a profound resolve to do the right thing. Her presence enables us to almost experience Felicity's exact emotions from feeling defeat and anguish to the moments when she feels elated and overjoyed. Its definitely an emotional rollercoaster that's further enhanced by the chemistry between the cast. From the awkward earlier moments when the characters first met to the camraderie and love for each other later on as they get close, we feel like part of the group.

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William Monaghan

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    • Ben's message in Felicity's yearbook:

      Dear Felicity,
      Here it goes. I watched you for four years, always wondered what you were like, and what was going on in your mind all that time when you were so quiet, just thinking. Drawing in your notebook. I should've just asked you, but I never asked you. So now, four years later, I don't even know you. But I admire you. Well, that makes me sound crazy, but I'm okay with that. So take care of yourself.


      P.S. I would've said, "Keep in touch," but unfortunately, we were never in touch.

    • Felicity: They say crash victims --people who lose a limb--that they can still feel their missing arm or leg, even after it's gone. It's called phantom pain, right? Well, suddenly, I had this horrible thought. What if high school went away but the feeling of it didn't? I mean I didn't feel joy... or sorrow... or anticipation. Things were going so well, but all I could feel was.... was dread.

    • Noel: OK, OK, OK. Here's--here's my speech. This is the big speech from Noel. Uh... you mustn't leave this school. Why? Here's why. Because this is--this is a life struggle. This is fate, this is a challenge. I-if you turn away from this now, you will -- and I promise you this -- be confronted by the same issue five years from now. Or ten. All right? You'll be--you'll be the fancy doctor with--with the fancy practice. You'll--you'll be married... and you'll have like four phone lines in your home. And then, boom, it'll--it'll grip you like a blast of freezing cold air. You know, "what--what the hell is my life?" And you'll be able to trace it back to this instant. This--this very moment, when that geek R.A. gave you these four words of advice, "stay in New York, or perish". Five... six words.

    • Sally: I guess, I'm learning little by little that we decide what our lives are gonna be. Things happen to us. But it's our reactions that matter. I just want you to know, I think you've made a really great choice. And I can't wait to hear what happens.

    • Felicity: It's funny. Sometimes it's the smallest decisions that can pretty much change your life forever.

    • Felicity's Dad: Obviously we've gone over this ad infinitum.

    • Noel: Don't fundamentally disregard everything I've told you.

    • Julie: She didn't think my underwear was clean enough to be in the same room as her underwear.

    • Felicity: Is it possible to be just friends with someone I have these sort of immoderate feelings for?

    • Felicity: He's basically had my life planned out for me since I was pretty much a zygote.

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    • During the graduation scene we hear that Felicity's middle name is Elizabeth. In Mission Impossible 3 (2006), Keri's character "Lindsey" middle name was Elizabeth too. The both scripts were written by J.J. Abrams, a creator of "Felicity."