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  • I was a Freshman in college...

    When this show had its premiere I was a Freshman just like Felicity was. I remember I couldn't miss an episode of this show and had to make sure I set aside time each week when it aired. I related a lot to this show because I was going through the same fears every college Freshman does, and it was comforting to have someone to go through it with.

    I watched this show all four years and was sad to see it go. Sometimes when I'm in a nostalgic mood, I will watch it again just to relive thw show and my own memories of that time.

    Great show!
  • Oh my...

    Do I have memories to this show... The funny part is, i dont so much have memories of what actually happened in the show, as much as memories of wathing it and things that happenend in my own life. I don't think thats the case with any other TV-series i have followed. Must say that i loved the show while it aired, but i wasnt to sad when it got cancelled. So all in all, a show worth watching, but nothing i would watch again.
  • I was drawn to her character role

    and she was a blast to watch!
  • One of best shows ever. It is twelve years after it was premiered and I watchted it this year. I was very surprised about its endless humor, storyline in which all generations can enjoy and just everything about this show that was written so well.

    One day during summer holidays I was a little bored, so I turned on my TV to see what's on. On one of the programmes Felicity was on. I didn't know the show or the characters or the storyline, but there was something that just kept me watching it. So I watched all of the seasons and all of the episodes (which isn't very little). And those hours that were spend for Felicity were one of the best hours I spent on TV shows.
    Everything about that show is just so wonderful. The best thing is how the young generations can identify with Felicity and her growing up. She was just so lost, confused and scared when she followed Ben to New York but at the end of the show she is so brave, determined and a great person. But still that didn't mean that she never made mistakes again or anything like that. And that impressed me so much - how this show was so realistic.
    Also what I loved was how all the characters developed during the show, especially Ben. His relationship with Felicity was very different at the end that at the beginning. But what never changed and what I absolutely adored were their hugs. :) And how their relationship was the best relationship I ever saw on TV show. It was so realistic I don't have words to describe it.
    All the other characters were also so great. I loved Richard and his stupid jokes. :D I loved Elena, what a great friend she was. And Meghan, oh my god, she was absolutely the best. Just what the show needed in order to become even more interesting and different. Noel was also very well played, I liked him. Also a very good character which has made this show was of course Sean, especially his inventions and how he reacted in situations. :D And I mustn't forget Javier which was very interesting. :)
    I can't give this show a 10 because of only two things. First, because of that Greg - Felicity relationship!! I thought I was gonna die watching these two being on dates and at his weekend and everything. Their relationship was reaaaally boring, dull and it lasted forever! The second thing was that time travel at the end of the show. I mean what the hell was that? It just didn't fit in the concept of Felicity and there were also some really illogical things there. Maybe it was interesting for some people but I just didn't like it.
    But overall, all the humorous situations in the show, all the characters developing so surprisingly, almost all the romances, the friendship, the tough things to get through in college, everyhting was absolutely perfect. :)
  • 'Felicity' so far is the best college drama I have seen to date. And it is one of very few shows that I cared to see more than once.

    While it may seem at the first glance that it is yet another silly teem drama, it is so much more than that.
    The mainline of the show is simple - we get a young and naive heroine Felicity, who suddenly changes all her college plans and dashes to New York after a guy she is secretly in love with, but whom she doesn't really know... yet. From that moment the story gradually develops into an intriguing and captivating story of her self exploration and of her learning to be independent and becoming an adult throughout her 4 years at college (every season corresponds to a particular year at college). On the one hand the show gives a really good insight of college life, especially of that outside the classrooms. And on the other hand, it is a strong and believable story of a young person becoming an adult. Last, but definitely not least, one gets a complicated love story.
  • Was it about life in university? Or was it a complicated love story?

    Felicity. One of the few TV shows that I made sure never to miss an episode of! It was real. It's a classical. The show creators never tried to hide behind something, they showed what life is really like. It was raw, real and sometimes painful. This show taught me what it's REALLY like to be in university.

    Felicity. She was real. She made mistakes. She loved, she got hurt. Her friends were comical, yet reliable. They were unique, and had real qualities about them. I see the show as a wonderful love story. Throughout the series, there was the constant love triangle, should Felicity be with Ben or Noel? She moved across the country to be with Ben. But Noel understood, and appreciated her. In the end, she was able to chose only one man to be with. But was it the right one?
  • This drama tracked the experiences of the naive Felicity Porter, who moves across the country to New York to attend college and pursue her high school crush, Ben. The show followed Felicity and her new friends as they made the transition to adulthood.

    I didn't watch the series the first few episodes, but when I saw one of the many episodes I became hooked. I started looking for episodes I missed and watching the series weekly until the series ended. I loved everything about this series from the setting down to every single characters. To anyone who want to see the series then you might want to try YouTube first before trying to buy the show to watch or looking somewhere else. I was sad to see this series end but I am glad I was able to watch the series when I could. Finally, good luck at finding the series for those who are looking.
  • I have a million mixed thoughts about this show. Sometimes, I think it's completely boring but the show is just SO engaging, so insightful, so witty, and so brilliant that you're FORCED to watch the next episode. The prime example of a "guilty pleasure".

    I've got to be honest, I'm not a old fan of the show. I always knew about the show while I was growing up but I never felt like getting into watching it... not until I got on this "teen drama high". Unfortunately, this show didn't fill that teen drama need at all because it's so much more than your average teen drama. Granted, the characters are teenagers and it follows the rules like a book, the writing is still so brilliant that you feel like a part of Felicity(the character, not the show). On the surface, the show is about a lost girl who had her life panned out for her since birth. She spent her high school life with her eyes buried in her books but her mind thinking about fellow classmate, Ben Covington. After she had her first conversation with Ben at her high school graduation, she found out he was going to NYU and she followed him there. Still, the writing is so smart and you understand Felicity so well that the absurd and somewhat generic storyline doesn't make your skin crawl. While she is in New York, Felicity is slowly beginning to learn the things about life that she was emotionally incapable of learning elsewhere because of her completely scaled-out life. She learns about friendships, hardships, and relationships. Most of all, she learns about life. She starts to be more dependent on her own thoughts and stopped letting other people think for her. Through her journey, the the viewers slowly start to see just how meaningful the show is; not only because you learn with Felicity but because it's a beautiful show that you can love and hate at the same time.

    With all that said, you're probably wondering why I only have it an 8. Well... by season 3, most of its magic is lost. It starts to lose perspective on the insight it once had and then it just turns into a lackluster teen drama. If you can look past the last two seasons then you might just find a new favorite show.
  • Felicity Porter is graduating from high school and dicides to follow her long-time crush Ben to college in New York, dispite her parents wish to follow their footsteps as a doctor.

    I just finished watching "Felicity" and i am happily surprised. Suprised because i am a fan of J.J Abrams (that was the only reason to watch the show six years after it's over) and i didn't know how talanted he really is. I fell in love with him watching 'Alias' for the first time and then came "LOST" (the best tv show so far) since then i watched "six degrees" and i was frustrated when they cancelled it, but Felicity was something intaerly diffrent It was a bit boring comparing to ALIAS and LOST but very realistic in a wierd way. I suddently realized how difficul it was for me as a teenager to make my transition to adulthood justlike Felicity and her friends. Now i'am going for "What about Brian" just to honor J.J!
  • A classic.

    It definitely was one of the best teen drama shows ever made. With an amazing cast, a fabulous leading actress and the stories that take your breath away, it is no wonder this show attracted that many viewers to their TV sets each week.

    The first year was just amazing. It had a completely different way of storytelling. The complex, yet so young characters never failed to interest me.

    I really enjoyed watching this show and will always remember it as one of the best. Even the third season, which many people didn't like, was OK for me. The show wrapped up the entire college in 4 amazing seasons, and I'm glad it didn't air anymore (it wouldn't be as great after college).
  • Felicity is about Felicity Portman (Kerri Russell) who follows a high school classmate to college in New York after reading what he wrote in her yearbook.

    This is still my favorite show! There are not too many shows about college characters. Normally, its about teenagers or adults. The main reason I like the show is because I am a lot like Felicity and I can identify with her and understand her decisions. I wish she would have ended up with Noel thats my only complaint.
  • A witty college drama, with an entertaining cast of characters and clever writing.

    Felicity follows a high-school crush, Ben, to New York instead of going to Stanford to prepare for the study of medicine. However, Felicity realizes that Ben already has a girlfriend, and he has trouble remembering her name. Her parents come to pick her up and take her to Stanford, but she decides to stay, as she doesn't want to follow in her father's footsteps forever. The rest of the show's four seasons track Felicity and her friends' path through college, along with the conflicts residing within.

    She meets numerous other students and characters, including her R.A, Noel, a gothic roommate, Meghan, Ben's girlfriend, Julie, a gay cofee-shop manager, Javier, and an entrepeneur, Sean. Her relationships with these characters, along with the relationships between themselves, are the biggest part of the show.

    The show has very clever writing, and lots of little jokes spread out across the episodes. In "Todd Mulcahy", a two-part episode, Felicity has a secret admirer that she hates, but he still manages to charm all of her friends, alienating her.

    This four-season series is definitely worth watching.
  • A profound and amazing show: In the adversity of life, Felicity finds herself in the midst of strangers that grow to become the most important people in her life. In finding herself, she learns that stranger, friend and soulmate are one and the same.

    I have just completed the entire series, and i have to say that this has to be one of the best drama's out there. It is a profound (and entertaining) look at the trials and tribulations of life and love through one girl's journey in finding herself in a busy and insatiable world.

    Each character in this series is so well defined and their relationships so intricately woven that it really was life on a tv screen. Each character goes through these milestones that further develop who they are. These strangers become friends and lovers and soulmates and it is just so amazing to see their relationships take place. The script was articulate and intelligent. Albeit at times, the show did reuse a few of the same plot ideas. Nevertheless, the entire series was phenomenal. throughout the series, relationships and friendships began and developed into these complexities of love. Much of it, was very inspirational.

    firstly, i will just say that all four seasons of the show were amazing, so i won't go into detail for my love for each one, but rather give my take on the series:

    SEASON 1: this was the season where all the relationships are established. this season provided the groundwork for the problems, weaknesses, and strengths of future relationships between friends and lovers. there were alot of really funny moments, and some very excrutiating ones too (ex. the For Sally tape being played at the party... ouch). in this season, you basically get a general sense of who the characters are, although it doesn't go into depth the complexities of each charater as much as the later 3 seasons do.

    SEASON 2: in this season, Felicity and Ben's relationship begins to really take form. Noel tries to move on, so there's alot of Noel trying to surpress himself in this season. felicity begins to find out what she wants out of life, and what she wants for herself. felicity begins to strengthen as a character and as an individual person.

    SEASON 3: This was a very satisfying and entertaining season. Ben and Felicity's relationship begins to get tested by the forces of life, and needless to say, their relationship gets complicated. There are a lot of doubts in this season. there are people doubting their relationship, their friends, and themselves. life's tests of character begin to manifest. there are many moments in this season that gets you to grit your teeth (ex. Avery's hold on Ben). For the first time, Noel and Felicity's friendship is tested, and doubted, and weakened. but it's amazing to see the trials of this season, and then see the joys of life. This season really really sparked of life. Felicity and Ben's relationship was pure chemisty on screen - truly amazing and real. This was a really really good 17 episodes. there were some really funny moments that got you to sputter your drink onto the floor. as the season progressed, things became more complex... kinda like setting you up for the final season of the show.

    SEASON 4: This is the season with the most extreme ups and downs. it is definitely a rollercoaster ride. in this season, you begin to really see the thesis of each character (if you could call it that). you are able to see just what it is that makes each charater who they are. as cliche as it may sound you are shown why each character is special and what makes each and every one of them so amazing. This is the season where each character is put into situations that let them reveal who they really are. relationships are strengthened, and somehow, through Megan and Sean, you see some of the most inspiring acts of love, through Noel, the amazing sense of sacrifice and selflessness, through Ben and Felicity, the pain and trials of true love, and through Javier, the funniest moments of his happily homosexual character.

    Overall, this was a phenomenal series, and deserves much more praise than it got. it really got me to think about a lot of different and circumstantial aspects of life and love. there were tear jerker moments, moments that made you love life, and hate life. but by far, the moments of triumph indubitably trumped the moments that were bad and sad. At times, when watching the show, i saw scenes that i would consider as one of the most incredible on-screen romances on television.

    Felicity is completely amazing. the show is comforting and heart-warming. sometimes, it's like it tells you, "You know, it's okay to be awkward. It's okay not to know who you are. It's okay that sometimes... love is painful."

    This series is definitely a favourite of mine and i gotta admit, i'm kinda sad it's gone. thank the gods of technology for DVD. sigh... writing this review is really making me nostalgic... you know what? i think i just might start over and watch it all again. :)
  • If this show were a person-it would've been my BF!

    Amongst all the other needless teen dramas, this show is heads and shoulders above the rest. There are certain shows that are for 'thinking people' and then shows for people who don't like to think. Felicity would fall under the first category. I tracked this show even before it first premiered in September of 1998. I remember reading an article about it in either Teen People or Seventeen magazine, hearing a description of the plot, and thinking immediately-this is something I HAVE to see! I was right. Keri Russel flawlessly played Felicity for 4 years (with and without hair). Her friends on the show, including Tangi Miller, were all people you could meet on a real college campus. Her roommate was wonderfully hilarious and strange, and the Ben/Noel/Felicity love triangle was riveting, but not in the typical soap opera/trashy way. There was nothing typical about this show. It was a rare breed of entertainment mixed with a certain indescribeable whimsy. We need more shows that assume the audience has a brain, like Felicity did.
  • Felicity is one of the most realistic shows that display the struggles of a college student. It is a CLASSIC. i watch it all the time, i have all four seasons on DVD =D!!

    What can i say about this show? I love it, and i think it was one of the most cleverly put together shows on the WB! i know, i know, In season 2 when she cut her hair lost a little ratings-but it did grow back =P. Come on you've got:
    Felicity-the main character, with her share of problems-epecially from her father. Not to mention her relationship problems with Ben and Noel. Megan- who doesn't love a roommate who goes to Wicca camp and pierces God-knows-where on her body. Javier-lovely manager from Dean and Deluca who definitely adds laughter to the series. Elaine-the serious medical student. Julie-friend with a lot of issues and always seems to be after Ben, etc. You just need to watch this show! i promise you, it will change your life =P
  • Brilliance. Absolute brilliance.

    Brilliance. Absolute brilliance. I haven't seen such performances on tv since the time...I can't even envision a time when I had so much fun watching this show. Highly recommended!!! I love the movie based on the music, story, direction.All these three are very good.I love love this movie very much.
  • A witty and deep romantic dramedy about felicity porter, a young, naive, hopeless romantic, who takes the risk of going to NYU in pursuit of her 'soul mate' ben covington. A beautiful romance filled with colourful characters and heart felt moments.

    Felicity is A witty and deep romantic dramedy about felicity porter, a young, naive, hopeless romantic, who takes the risk of going to NYU in pursuit of her 'soul mate' ben covington. A beautiful romance filled with colourful characters and heart felt moments.

    In the generally underappreciated genre of the romantic dramedy also known as 'primetime soap', the show is intelligently written, uplifting and moving while also dabbling in dark drama and the supernatural at times. Supported by a perfect cast and fantastic characters - special mentions to javier and shawn who took the comic relief roles to new heights.

    A J.J abrams masterpiece, it is a must watch! Don't be afraid of getting abuse for watching it as the enjoyment gained from its viewing is priceless.
  • Excellent portrayal of characters

    Excellent portrayal of characters that is difficult to find fault with. Their development is far from akward nor imposing and continues throughout the series making it impossible to pidgeon-hole the characters reactions or decisions. The dynamic cast provides a rich setting that prevents the series from becoming stale.
    The only gripe is not to do with any of the directing or acting of the series (hence the high score) but rather that the lead character is extremely selfish and shows a cavalier disregard for all of the lives around her even if her desires were fickle in the first place. I realise this has a lot to do with being set in a teenage angst time in her life but quite realistically I wouldn't have anything to do with somebody who behaved like that - let alone the constantly reforming relationships that most of the men in her life seem to do - which always end in the extreme circumstances she creates.
    Most of the 'altruistic' things Felicity does are for selfish reasons anyway, and frequently she credits herself for these things whilst offloading the responsibility on to those around her anyway - for example Lucky in Season 2. She makes a huge deal about how profound and painful it is when her relationships that she want to work don't turn out as planned, and yet she has little to no compulsions (beyond wanting herself and others to believe she is a decent person) against cheating, destroying other relationships for her own gain (such as once again in season 2 - Noel and Ruby).

    I'm not sure how acurate her character is when compared to other modern society teen/young women however I hope I never become involved with somebody who relates to this character!

    All that said, the series is excellent and whilst I'm left clenching teeth at the things Felicity sometimes does the purpose of a story is to make an audience feel things, good or bad. Coupled with exploring many of the issues young adults face this series is one I'd happily watch again.
  • Portraits college in a very realistic way.

    This show had a grea timpact on me because it really showed how college life was like. Obviously the magic towards the last season was a little too much, but come on, who hasn't had such a huge crush on someone to actually think about following him? (OK, maybe you wouldn't follow him, but the point is that we all had that huge crush in high shcool that we would have wanted to date in college).
    Also, it shows how frienships is so important during that period of life, and how just relationships get more complicated.
    Plus, who didn't start uding a lot more the word "hey" to say hello to someone after watching Felicity?
  • Just amazing!!

    Felicity is one of my favorite shows ever, I just love Keri Russell, she is just amazing with her funny hair!

    I really loved this show, I started watching it while I was in college, may be in the first year in college & I was kind of living it!! It's just amazing.

    Yousef Hani
  • The best show of WB so far!!!!

    Wow what can you say about Felicity hello, i dont have the words to describe this show. I cried literally in every episode dont know why it was so dramatic, funny and nerve racking that it made me learned and grow so much that is one of my all time favorites. Thanks to this show I think i am who i am and i dont regret it. Its one of those things that you have to go through to define who you really are and who you want to be in life, like this show that its a journey in this girls life, a journey based on the hoped of true love... Just the hope that you just meet someone and with him/her share and make everything in youre life because you know no matter what, that person is allways by youre side because there youre FRIENDS forever...

  • It just changed my life!

    Felicity was so life changing to me! Since I started watching the show, I couldn't stop anymore. Her stories are so like my own, her pain is so real, I still can't believe that this amazing TV show got canceled. Felicity deserves a new life after school, please, bring it back!
  • Before “Alias” and “Lost,” J.J. Abrams created “Felicity.” In my opinion, “Felicity” is the best of the three. The situations the characters go through are realistic and are portrayed in a way that the audience can believe and even relate to their circu

    Before “Alias” and “Lost,” J.J. Abrams created “Felicity.” In my opinion, “Felicity” is the best of the three. What I love so much about “Felicity” is that it seems so real. Sure, the initial concept of a girl following her high school crush across the country to college is a little far-fetched, but the writers have a way of making you believe that this could actually happen. The dialogue is cleverly written and acted out with genuine emotion. The situations the characters go through are realistic and are portrayed in a way that the audience can believe and even relate to their circumstances.

    The excellent acting of leading lady Keri Russell is a large part of what makes the show as great as it is. Without Keri, “Felicity” just would not be “Felicity.” Keri adds so many layers to the character of Felicity. She began as a naïve, frightened freshman and grew into a confident upperclassman who eventually figured out what she wanted in life.

    All of the supporting actors and actresses are amazing as well. They each give their respective characters depth and individuality. Scott Speedman is adorable as Ben, but Scott Foley’s portrayal of the geeky resident advisor Noel makes it obvious just why Felicity has such a hard time deciding between the two. I have always felt that Amanda Foreman as Meghan was an excellent addition to the show. As Felicity’s strange but likeable roommate, Megan adds humor to the show, as does the character of Javier. Julie, Elena, Sean, Richard, Tracy, among others, round out the supporting cast of characters and contribute to making the show a truly remarkable series.

    “Felicity” has to be one of the most underrated shows of all time. I’ll be the first to admit that after the second season, the show lost some of its luster. However, even at its worst, “Felicity” was better than most television shows on the air today. I would have loved to have seen what happened in the lives of Felicity, Ben, Noel, and the gang after college. It is a shame that more people were not given the chance to discover such a wonderful show as “Felicity” before it was cancelled.

  • i love this show, i never watch alot of shows but this is the only show i truly love.please bring the show back.i think they should have a continuation of felicity after college

    felicity is my favorite character.i think she is so romantic & how she struggle with her family,her romonce,and her college years.i can really relate to the real life.
    Ben is my next favorite character, he is so cute
    so ............. handsome,i dont think you could find anybody who is cuter than ben...ever!!!!
    noel:next hottie
    Elena:she is strong and fun women
    Meagan: she makes me laugh all the time
  • Thank God we have the complete season on dvd and it has replays on the tv station called WE.The show that really could have lasted.

    Everybody usually watches shows so they can either relate to it are just laugh at it. And this show was just superb for that. There was never a show about people in college it was always a show about kids in highschool in this was the show to watch to relate I love all the characters because they were all different it had a character for everyone to relate to. They should have kept it going.
  • Felicity is one of those shows that really was fabulous it's first season, but then sucked after that. What the heck were they thinking making Felicity cut her hair? And then making Noel go crazy? The writers killed the show...

    Felicity is one of those shows that really was fabulous it's first season, but then sucked after that. I never missed it season one! It was so cool to see a girl stand up to her parents to do what she wanted to do; to pick the college she wanted to go to. Even though I feel she did it for the wrong reasons, she did what I was too afraid to do. I let my parents influence me when I picked out a college. (It ended up ok, but...who knows what would have happened if I'd been like Felicity and gone where I wanted?)

    What the heck were they thinking making Felicity cut her hair? That was totally her charm! That big poof! And then making Noel go crazy? They really screwed up his character when they did that. The writers killed the show...It should have been much better than it was. And let's not even get me started on that bit in the last season where they did a "what if Felicity chose this way instead of the way she really chose?" UGH!
  • Felicity Porter has just graduated highschool and is on her way to NYU. On her way she meets some great friends including her roomate Meghan, Elana, Julie and Javier, Ben Covington (Scott Speedman) and Noel (Scott Foley). Ben and Noel both start a love t

    I LOVED THIS SHOW! and I loved kerri russlle and i'm really sad that this show is gone. I really want to buy all the seasons on DVD, but i'm not sure when they come out or if they are already out. So, like the headline says...BRING IT BACK!
  • A show about a young woman who attends college in New York City and deals living in the real world. In the process, she not only deals with romance, friendships, and college life, but she also grows up and trys to find herself as well. A personal favorite

    I was a fan of this show. I absolutely LOVED this show. I loved the drama and the suspense of what was going to happen every week. I especially loved the love triangle between Ben, Noel, and Felicity. I personally thought that Ben and Felicity were soulmates. I liked it when they were a couple. I thought that they were so cute together. The feelings and emotions that the characters had were believable and it's as if you could feel their pain and sorrow.
    The characters really showed some depth and emotion. I loved the character Ben. There was something deep and mysterious yet rebellious about him that made him very interesting. There were sides to him that made him very vulernable and sweet. I miss this show. It was one of my favorite shows in the world.
  • i love this show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    wish that this show could come back!i absolutely love this show!!
    i am so glad that we is reairing it! i only wish they would bring it back for like the later years r something! i think this cast was soooo awesome 2gether!!! I love all of them & watch it religiously!!!!!!
  • I've only watched two seasons so far, but the characters are strong & believeable, the story-lines are fantastic, and the show as a whole is perfect. Some dodgy writing at times including convenient plot twists and obvious storylines, but amazingly it doe

    Are you in college or have you been in a place or situation that's new, and confusing to you? Have you wondered what you were meant to be doing with your life, and needed to find yourself? Ever felt lost, or alone in a new or strange place? Have you ever had a love-life so complicated that, within your group of friends, your life and theirs are practically inseperable?

    Then Felicity is the show for you.

    The characters are strong, normal people that everyone can relate to. We all know the idealistic Felicity, or the flirtacious Ben. The sweet Noel, the freaky Meagan. The over-competitive Alena, the entrepreneurial Greg. The sweet but not-so-innocent Julie. These are the people of our lives, personified in a show where you put them all together in a coctail shaker and stir like mad!

    The writing isn't always so great, and the story-lines are somewhat predicatble but this doen't subtract from the overall enjoyment of the show. I believe this is a must-see for all college students, past, present and prospective, and I have grown to love this series to the point of needing to watch an episode a day.

    A true personal favorite!
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