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  • One of best shows ever. It is twelve years after it was premiered and I watchted it this year. I was very surprised about its endless humor, storyline in which all generations can enjoy and just everything about this show that was written so well.

    One day during summer holidays I was a little bored, so I turned on my TV to see what's on. On one of the programmes Felicity was on. I didn't know the show or the characters or the storyline, but there was something that just kept me watching it. So I watched all of the seasons and all of the episodes (which isn't very little). And those hours that were spend for Felicity were one of the best hours I spent on TV shows.
    Everything about that show is just so wonderful. The best thing is how the young generations can identify with Felicity and her growing up. She was just so lost, confused and scared when she followed Ben to New York but at the end of the show she is so brave, determined and a great person. But still that didn't mean that she never made mistakes again or anything like that. And that impressed me so much - how this show was so realistic.
    Also what I loved was how all the characters developed during the show, especially Ben. His relationship with Felicity was very different at the end that at the beginning. But what never changed and what I absolutely adored were their hugs. :) And how their relationship was the best relationship I ever saw on TV show. It was so realistic I don't have words to describe it.
    All the other characters were also so great. I loved Richard and his stupid jokes. :D I loved Elena, what a great friend she was. And Meghan, oh my god, she was absolutely the best. Just what the show needed in order to become even more interesting and different. Noel was also very well played, I liked him. Also a very good character which has made this show was of course Sean, especially his inventions and how he reacted in situations. :D And I mustn't forget Javier which was very interesting. :)
    I can't give this show a 10 because of only two things. First, because of that Greg - Felicity relationship!! I thought I was gonna die watching these two being on dates and at his weekend and everything. Their relationship was reaaaally boring, dull and it lasted forever! The second thing was that time travel at the end of the show. I mean what the hell was that? It just didn't fit in the concept of Felicity and there were also some really illogical things there. Maybe it was interesting for some people but I just didn't like it.
    But overall, all the humorous situations in the show, all the characters developing so surprisingly, almost all the romances, the friendship, the tough things to get through in college, everyhting was absolutely perfect. :)