Felicity - Season 1

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Episode Guide

  • Felicity Was Here
    Episode 23
    Felicity concludes that it would be wrong to join Ben on the road trip, as she does not want to betray Julie. Noel offers her a ticket to Berlin, but she needs time to think it over. After Ben kisses her, she runs out in a panic and immediately accepts Noel's offer. Julie witnesses Felicity and Ben's flirtation. Elena sleeps with Dr. McGrath. She sneaks a peek at her exam and discovers that she didn't do very well, but after the night, the professor gives her an A.moreless
  • The Force
    Episode 22
    Meghan uses Felicity as her guinea pig as she practices her spells. Felicity doubts Meghan's powers, until she suddenly becomes very clumsy and forgetful, seeming as the result of the spells. Noel's friend Guy forces him to work on their group project outside a movie theater as he tries to secure tickets to "Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace." Ben has to find a new way home to Palo Alto because he must use the money his mom sent for a plane ticket to pay off his gambling debts. Felicity finds him a man who is willing to pay him to drive his car to San Francisco. Felicity, Ben, Noel and Julie plan to drive across the country together. Lynn's girlfriend continually makes passes at Ben. He turns her down, but breaks up with Julie because he feels stifled by the relationship.moreless
  • Connections
    Episode 21
    Abby, Dean & DeLuca's officious new manager, leaves Felicity in charge while she is away. If she does a good job, she will be promoted to assistant manager. Abby orders Felicity to fire Danny, an irresponsible employee. Ben is unable to pay off his debt to the campus bookie, who asks him to collect from others. Sean agrees to co-sign a loan, but the bank refuses to approve it because Sean owes money to one of his suppliers. When Julie learns of his problems, Ben angrily refuses her suggestion that he call his parents for help. Noel lets Richard stay with him while a heating problem in Richard's room is repaired. Noel receives a summer internship in Berlin.moreless
  • Docuventary
    Episode 20
    Sean puts together a documentary about college life. He soon narrows the focus to a discussion of Felicity and Noel and their failed relationship. Noel, at Sean's recommendation, visits a hypnotist to deal with his unresolved anger about Felicity's fling with Eli. Ben tells Sean that his mother has finally left his father, so he falls deeper into debt. Felicity skips McGrath's seminar to talk with Noel, and has to work off her punishment.moreless
  • Happy Birthday
    Episode 19
    The dorm plans a party for Julie's birthday. Carol stops by reveals that she is actually Julie's mother. She refuses to allow Julie to meet her family because she hasn't told her husband that she has another child. Meghan asks Felicity to watch over her mysterious box while her parents are in town. Felicity is amazed as Meghan undergoes a complete personality transformation, trying to pass herself off as a sweet, innocent preppy. Noel considers moving out of the dorm because he feels uncomfortable around Felicity. Lynn convinces Ben to place a bet in an attempt to solve his financial problems.moreless
  • Assassins
    Episode 18
    Noel apologizes to Felicity for jeopardizing their relationship. He tells her that he ended things with Hanna, and that he did not sleep with her. Eli sends flowers to Felicity, which she mistakenly believes are from Noel. And Noel is furious when Felicity tells him about spending the night with Eli. The dorm residents play a war game that is designed to force them to learn everyone's name. Elena becomes obsessed with victory. Julie reluctantly aids Sean as he tries to get a date with a student librarian. Ben goes out partying with Lynn every night, leaving Julie angry and worried.moreless
  • The Fugue
    Episode 17
    Hanna, Noel's ex-girlfriend, shows up at Dean & DeLuca to use the phone. She reveals that she has been attending school in New York for several months. Noel admits that he still has feelings for Hanna, and they kiss at the end of the evening. Felicity continues to frequent the art studio; and agrees to pose for a sketch with Eli, her art student friend. She ends up having sex with him. Julie becomes lonely as Ben spends more time with his swimmer friends.moreless
  • Love and Marriage
    Episode 16
    Javier faces deportation. Horrified by the prospect of being separated from his true love, Samuel, he asks Felicity to help him get a green card by marrying him. Noel's visiting brother Ryan announces that he is gay. Before Noel can come to grips with this news, Ryan introduces him to his boyfriend, whom he plans to marry. The swim coach observes Ben's workout and asks him to try out for the team. He is reluctant; until one of the swimmers, Lynn, angers him by bringing up his failed track tryout in front of Julie.moreless
  • Todd Mulcahy (2)
    Episode 15
    Todd gives Felicity an old note in which she speaks of her dreams of becoming an artist. Felicity experiences doubts about her future and blows her interview for the seminar by telling Dr. McGrath that she doesn't really want to be a doctor. Noel and Felicity stage a break-up to put a stop to Richard's blackmail schemes. Julie sends Carol a tape revealing that she is her daughter. And Todd' surgery may inspire Felicity.moreless
  • Todd Mulcahy (1)
    Episode 14
    Todd Mulcahy, a young man who attended summer school with Felicity when she was twelve, arrives unexpectedly. He declares that he and Felicity are soulmates, and announces that he has come to New York to kiss her. Felicity seeks Ben's advice on how to deal with a stalker. She is annoyed when Todd manages to win everyone over with his charms. Blair approaches Elena for a date, unaware that she knows that he is cheating on her. She punches his lights out. Julie discovers that she and Carol have common interests. Ben faces financial problems after his father cuts him off without explanation.moreless
  • Friends
    Episode 13
    Felicity spies Blair kissing another girl in the library. She plans to tell Elena, but keeps quiet when the girl turns out to be Elena's best friend, Tara. Elena refuses to believe that Tara would betray her, and essentially orders Felicity to stay out of her business. Julie learns the identity of her birth mother, Carol Anderson. Ben comes along for moral support as Julie prepares to meet the woman. However, she cannot bring herself to go to the door. Julie becomes annoyed at Ben's well-meaning advice.moreless
  • Gimme an O!
    Episode 12
    Felicity returns from Christmas break and promptly announces that she wants to lose her virginity to Noel, A.S.A.P., but a series of unfortunate events stops them, and they don't do it, mostly because she realizes she's still not over Ben, who is now dating Julie. Blair gives Elena an article of clothing as a gift. She tries desperately to find out exactly what it is.moreless
  • Finally
    Episode 11
    After their unexpected kiss, Felicity and Noel are constantly interrupted, and can't find time to talk. While studying for the finals, Noel realizes he picked up the wrong bag on the airport, so now he doesn't have any notes to study from, so Felicity decides to help him, but they spent more time kissing, rather than studying. Richard, an annoying guy that Noel reported for having barbecue in his room, is blackmailing Noel. He wants Noel to do whatever he wants, or else he'll report him for fraternizing with an advisee. Ben and Noel fight for Felicity, but she has no time, because she has to study for her finals. Sean decides to sell fruit to students in the library. He is unsuccessful, until Julie gives it a try.moreless
  • Thanksgiving
    Episode 10
    Felicity decides to stay on campus for Thanksgiving, although she planned to fly home, because she doesn't want to leave a hurt Julie alone, who isn't ready to face her parents. Ben finds out that his parents don't want him to come home for the holiday, and Elena returns to the dorm when her father wants to have Thanksgiving dinner with his new girlfriend. Noel's girlfriend Hanna arrives at the campus, and announces that she may be moving to New York. Felicity is mad when Noel refers to her as a "kid" from his floor, and she confronts him about it. Ben catches them kissing.moreless
  • 11/17/98
    Felicity and Noel are trying to help Julie, who is convinced that Zach raped her, but she won't file a report to the police. Zach approaches Julie about another date, and has no idea that Julie is upset. Ben confronts Zach, and talks to Julie about his abusive childhood, in order to help her. And Elena has to look after a visiting high school junior, whom Felicity can't take care off, because she's too busy with Julie. When the girl turns out to be a pain in the ass, Meghan helps Elena out.moreless
  • 11/10/98
    Noel seeks for advice from his fellow resident advisors, so he would know what to say to Felicity, who whines to him about Ben, and after he shares the decision with Felicity, she ends up hurt and angry, so Noel tries to rectify the situation. Blair asks Felicity to help him help Elena stay in school, because she's facing a financial crisis, and she won't open up to Blair. Noel advises Elena what to do. Julie is afraid of moving too fast in her relationship with Zach, when they end up kissing during their work session. Their evening out may finish badly.moreless
  • Cheating
    Episode 7
    Hoping to get closer with Ben, and helping him get a better grade, Felicity rewrites Ben's English paper and hands it to the professor, who accuses Ben of cheating, and Ben furiously confronts Felicity about her move. Elena turns down Blair, because she believes the night they spent together was just a one-night stand. And Julie does her best to come closer to Zach.moreless
  • Spooked
    Episode 6
    Ben and Felicity are robbed at gunpoint in his loft, after what they begin hanging out, and Ben finally confides in Felicity. The two make arrangements for Halloween, but when Ben completely ignores Felicity during the party, she accuses him of pushing her away because he has trouble talking to people after sharing personal recollections with them. Julie and Zach continue hanging out, and after a kiss, Julie decides to begin seeing him.moreless
  • Boggled
    Episode 5
    Felicity is mad when everyone thinks she's sleeping with Noel, and when she actually does come closer to him, he reveals that he has a girlfriend. Ben tries out for the track team. Julie is still avoiding Ben, so she wouldn't hurt Felicity, and she spends time with Zack, a freshman film student.moreless
  • Hot Objects
    Episode 4
    The dorm plans a party. Meghan informs Felicity that something is obviously going on between Julie & Ben. Felicity sees the two together at the party, and confronts Julie. Felicity meets floormate Elena Tyler. A disc jockey accidentally plays one of Felicity's tapes to her friend Sally. Everyone hears a passage in which she talks about sex. A computer error forces Ben to take a drama class.moreless
  • The Last Stand
    Episode 3
    Felicity is worried when she learns that her parents are still in NY, trying to convince her to move to Stanford, so with some help from Noel, she decides to convince them how this is a good change for her, she's becoming independent. Julie tries to avoid Ben out of loyalty to Felicity. Noel tries to calm a student, whose roommate has been talking in his sleep about killing him.moreless
  • Pilot
    Episode 2
    We meet Felicity Porter, a young girl that just finished high school, and who finally works up the nerve to ask Ben Covington, her longtime crush, to sign her yearbook. She makes an impulsive decision to attend college in New York City, to follow Ben, and she leaves her parents crushed, after abandoning her long-established plans to study medicine at Stanford. In NY, Felicity moves into the dorm and meets new friends, a standoffish girl Meghan, her resident advisor Noel, and aspiring guitar player Julie, as she's trying to find out more about Ben and get closer to him.moreless
  • Unaired Pilot
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