Season 4 Episode 20

Spin the Bottle

Aired Unknown May 15, 2002 on The WB
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Ben questions Felicity's relationship with Noel and confidently predicts that she will soon try to win back Ben. Felicity and Noel decide to get an apartment together. Sean gets very excited about Julie's impending visit, and makes a lot of plans. He gives Ben the impression that Julie came to town specifically to see Sean. Ben learns that Julie is actually in town for an audition, and warns her of Sean's intentions. Sean is crushed to realize that Julie still doesn't have feelings for him. Julie makes a move on Ben. Felicity insists that she has no problem with this, while Sean is outraged. Felicity accuses Ben of using Julie to make her jealous. She tries to "protect" Julie by agreeing to a double date. Ben upsets Felicity at the restaurant by mentioning the brief time they lived together and the girl who used their bathtub. He laughs about the fact that Felicity was always worried that he would cheat, and ended up cheating on him. Sean runs into a devastated Meghan at a bar. He convinces her to join him at a concert. They return to the loft to find their friends drinking while listening to Julie sing. Meghan convinces everyone to play "spin the bottle." Felicity seethes when Ben and Julie share a long kiss. Noel runs out. Sean apologizes to Meghan and asks for forgiveness, but she doesn't want to give him another chance. Noel tells Felicity that she will never get over Ben. He dumps her and prepares to move into the new apartment alone.moreless

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  • I guess when you get over the fact of how out of character everyone is, then this episode can be a bit enjoyable for only a few select reasons.

    Don't get me wrong, the time travel arc still works my nerves but I find this episodes to be the most enjoyable of the entire arc. Why? If you're going to ruin a character, then at least do it the way they did it with Ben. The beginning of this episodes was hilarious. Ben's confident and witty attitude definitely put some light in the dreadful situation. I enjoyed watching him being a lot more smug than usual. And Felicity's facial responses were all great. If I can say I got anything out of the arc, then it's a good laugh. I also enjoyed seeing Julie again. It's hard to make a simple favorite in such a great and developed cast, but Julie was definitely high on the list. It was enjoyable to see her again and not out of character. I also liked how they retouched the Ben & Julie relationship. I did find it insulting for Julie to believe Felicity so easily when she asked can she date Ben. It was like season 1 all over again. I did, however, preferred Ben/Julie much more in season 1 than Ben and Felicity. So I considered it a reward to my personal likings. I also found benefits in Mehgan's story as well. I was glad to see she didn't take Sean back so fast. She was actually showing a emotionally turmoiled side to her too. In seasons 3 & 4, we see how Mehgan starts to become one of the group, but we never saw her sad or distressed. That was just another small benefit of a weak arc.

    The whole Spin the Bottle game also brung light to the show. Not only because it was a cute moment in the show, but it was interesting to see how a game of Spin the Bottle works at a table full of angry tension. All in all, I'm not forgiving the arc at all, but it's better to look at the benefits of it than to spend the remainder of the review complaining about it. Seeing a few familiar faces and good couple of jokes from a already weak season would be the benifits I'm talking about.moreless

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    • (walking in on Meghan crying in the living room)
      Felicity: Hey, were you just crying?
      Meghan: God! No. I wasn't crying. I was just pulling... hairs out of my nose, it makes your eyes water.

    • Noel: The thing is, I've always wanted to live somewhere with you. Ever since I met you. But I realize tonight that it's not gonna happen.
      Felicity: What do you mean?
      Noel: It's OK. I guess, you know, 'cause it's... because it's, you know, just a fact. But I'll never inhabit you the way that Ben does.
      Felicity: Noel. That is not true.
      Noel: Whatever he did... to make you break up with him... wasn't enough. You will never be over Ben.

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