Season 3 Episode 14

The Break-Up Kit

Aired Unknown May 02, 2001 on The WB
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Felicity agrees to give Ben some space to sort out his feelings. Avery convinces him to come to her cabin and hang out with her friends. Avery kisses Ben. Meghan shares his whereabouts with Felicity. She later warns Ben not to hurt Felicity because she loves her "like she was my weird, spastic little baby sister." Noel tries to console Felicity, but she fears that she gave up on Ben too easily. She determines that she must go to Southampton to talk with him. Felicity makes it clear that she loves Ben and wants to work through their problems together, but he remains confused. Ben realizes that Avery doesn't really understand him after she offers sympathy over a hard-earned B-minus, when he had actually been proud of the grade. He seeks out Felicity and apologizes, just as Noel was trying to make a move on her. Sean belittles Meghan for holding a seance. She pretends to contact his dead grandmother. He finds this insulting and tries to get revenge, but Meghan stays one step ahead of him. Molly returns from England. She accidentally injures Elena's eyes during a facial, leaving her temporarily blinded. A young man named DeForrest sympathizes with Elena and offers to take notes for her. She agrees to a date with him, then regains her sight and discovers that he is quite large. Although Elena is hesitant to go out with him, they end up having a good time.moreless

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  • Felicity - Noel - Ben .....

    The love triangle was very clear at this very exciting episode.. Ben confused still about Avery.. Felicity can't stand that anymore. Noel is there again to stand by her side and comfort her by "the break up kit". Felicity can't stand how she semi-break up with Ben, so she goes after him at Avery's..

    The way the show wrapped up at the end was perfect,exciting,and carrying alot of meanings between the three main characters Felicity,Noel and Ben.

    Keri was really great at this episode, i can't believe how she didn't got a special acting prize about this great performance at this one specially.

    Meghan finally said a great lines about her relation with Felicity to Ben.

    Also the whole story with Sean and Meghan,with ALL it's tricks was so much fun.

    Elena has a "temporally" blind date which was fun too and very well written.

    Finally we see a great happy ending that remind me with the frist season.

    By the way the end theme music is back to be that atthe previous 2 seasons.moreless
  • Molly returns and temporally blind Elena. Elena has a blind date. Megan has a seance with Sean. Noel comforts Felicity when Ben goes with Avery to her vacation home.

    This episode is a fine example of the Ben-Felicty-Noel triangle which is an important part of this show. Noel is heartbreaking as he tries to comfort Felicity over her recent fight with Ben (yet again). Ben is typically confused about his feelings and only realizes Felicty understands him better than Avery when she is happy for him when he received his B- grade whereas Avery thought he would be disappointed by it. It seems to be a silly excuse to choose Felicity for that reason, but then Ben and Felicity seem to be locked in a cycle of not being able to deal with problems, both minor and major, without breaking up and then getting back together after big declarations of how much they love each other.moreless
Kristin Lehman

Kristin Lehman

Avery Swanson

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Kenan Thompson

Kenan Thompson

DeForrest Ingram

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Elena Evangelo

Elena Evangelo


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Sarah-Jane Potts

Sarah-Jane Potts


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    • Ben: Look, what I'm confused about is what I went through with Avery. I mean it's one thing knowing you're gonna die, it's another thing to see that. To go through that with another person. If that makes any sense.
      Felicity: So what happened in Southampton?
      Ben: Nothing happened. Well that's not true. Being up there made me realize that I didn't wanna be up there. It made me realize that I wanted to be here with you.

    • Meghan: When Felicity and I first met we were not friends, we were roommates. And I didn't even like her. I thought she was just some loser, prissy, navel-gazing, self-centered, whiny, overly-introspective little freak.

    • Noel: Look, are you... are you prepared? I mean, in case... in the off chance that... that things don't go well?
      Felicity: No.
      Noel: But you're going up there anyway.
      Felicity: Yeah.
      Noel: Good luck.
      Felicity: Thank you.

    • Felicity: I think Ben and I just broke up.

    • Meghan: You are so close-minded.
      Sean: A.K.A. normal.

    • Elena: The hardest part about breaking up isn't breaking up, it's living with it.

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    • Featured Music:
      "There She Goes" by The Getaway People
      "Six Pacs" by The Getaway People
      "She's Found a Fool" by Paul Cebar
      "Indulge Me" by Olive
      "Shake It Off" by Jarvis Church
      "What He Said" by Ultrababyfat
      "Baila" by B-Side Players
      "Happy" by Wendy Matthews
      "It Brings You Down" by Nile Jacobs