Season 3 Episode 14

The Break-Up Kit

Aired Unknown May 02, 2001 on The WB

Episode Recap

Ben tells Felicity he is confused about things (their relationship, etc.). Felicity tells him to go figure it out. He translates that into "Go to Southampton with Avery." Felicity is devastated when she finds out he is gone to spend a weekend with his new buddy. She drives to Southampton to tell him that she loves him and they can work through his thing with Avery (whom he kissed!). Unfortunately, her declarations of love don't make him any less confused. Her trip does not inspire him to return to NYC with her.

Noel is trying hard to be a good friend during Felicity's time of need. He makes her a break-up kit when he finds out about her and Ben's impending split, holds her while she cried over Ben and he makes her his Aunt Eunice's "famous" beef stew. This is obviously hard for him because he stills loves her. He is about to spill his guts to her. Enter Ben. Moment ruined. Felicity talks to Ben - who got a B- on his poli-sci test, by the way – and he says going to Southampton made him realize how much he wants to be with her. He did not, however, tell her about his tongue play with Avery. After she talks to Ben, Felicity goes to Noel and tells him how much he means to her in a way that implies that he's a great friend and if she lost his friendship, she wouldn't know what to do. This squelches Noel's feelings of romance for the time being.

Oh, by the way, Molly's back. She brings Elena some facial stuff from back home that temporarily blinds her so she makes up for it by being her seeing-eye Molly for the duration of her blindness. Elena meets a guy in class who volunteers to take notes for her. She agrees and tells Molly he has a nice voice. Elena - "Is he cute?" Molly – "Uuuuh." Elena is refreshed that he's not into looks but is somewhat surprised at his appearance when she sees him for the first time after having her patches removed. DeForrest says he understands if she doesn't want to go out with him not that she can see. She goes anyway.

Meghan is trying to contact her dead dog, Pickles. Sean is mocking her communication with the other world. Meghan pretends to channel the spirit of Sean's grandmother. Sean completely wigs out until Meghan tells him she was joking because he was being so smug. Sean gets revenge by telling her that she did actually contact his grandmother and that her spirit led him to $2,000 in her old room. He tells Meghan to buy those boots she wanted but couldn't afford. After she buys the boots, he tells her he was just getting even with her for joking about his dead nana. She tells him she used his credit card.