Season 2 Episode 4

The Depths

Aired Unknown Oct 17, 1999 on The WB

Episode Recap

The show opens with Felicity drawing a sketch in her dorm room, studying her eye in a mirror as she works; In walks Carl another lost freshman coming in for advice on how to deal with the fact that he heard his roommate speaking badly about him during a phone conversation accidentally recorded on their answering machine; Megan walks in and reveals that Julie has been performing a very mean-spirited song called "Felicity" about their friendship disintegrating over Ben at Epstein Bar; Enraged, Felicity gets up and leaves Carl to find Julie; Felicity arrives at the loft and Sean answers with a mixing bowl filled with his latest condiment invention, telling her that Julie is not there; Felicity asks him to tell Julie she stopped by, to call her, and that it's an emergency; Meanwhile in Elena's apartment Felicity expresses her anger over Julie's musical escapades but doesn't get much sympathy from Noel; Felicity gets up and leaves to go to the museum to see a photography exhibit for her art class, where she and Noel agreed to meet later that day; Felicity sits down on the subway and what to her wondering eyes does appear but Julie herself, and neither girl appears too thrilled with the coincidence; Over at Dean and Deluca Ben is cleaning coffee machines to the tune of "Low Rider" and eyes an attractive blonde on a cell phone standing in the store; The blonde woman is very abrupt and rude and demands instant gratification for her party needs: 125 brownies pronto, Ben calls Javier for clearance and responds in the affirmative but is clearly offended by her rudeness; Back on the subway, there is a crash and a bang and a flash of light and suddenly the subway has stalled and now Felicity is *really* stuck with Julie; The train apparently hit someone; After about an hour trapped underground Felicity has become acquainted with all the strange urban oddities that are riding the train -- one guy walks up to her selling strange items, and a neurotic bald guy is hypothesizing their imminent fates; Over at the museum Noel and Ruby are getting acquainted since Felicity has failed to arrive on time and it is becoming clear that there is a romantic attraction between them; Back in the subway car, Felicity decides to try and talk to Julie; Julie explains her song was a way of getting her anger out and falls under the heading of free speech, while Felicity agrees that it is okay to express her feelings through song as long as she doesn't publicize their history and private lives; Shifting back to Dean and Deluca we find Ben and Sean haggling over the new name for Sean's latest creation; The rude blonde woman once again approaches Ben demanding instant gratification and finally Ben takes a stand and puts the woman in her place, refusing to be belittled and ordered around; The blonde woman seems impressed with his new growth of a spine and tones down her ordering to a pleasant requesting of his help to which Ben responds positively; Back again on the subway train we return to the feud of Felicity and Julie during which a rather angry African American man finally gets fed up and tells the two to stop whining about problems that aren't really problems, but luxuries; Next a lawyer on board stands up and starts to pretend litigation of the Julie vs. Felicity case out of which emerges the importance of actually hearing the evidence in question: Julie's song; Here we cut to a commercial and when we return the song is OVER (yes folks, we never actually get to hear it); It has now been 2 hours in the subway, Noel and Ruby are still at the museum flirting with one another; at the three and a half hour marker, we see all the passengers discussing Julie and Felicity's problems simultaneously each expressing their own opinions about it; Suddenly the neurotic bald passenger says he spots some Mole People walking outside the stalled train and the whole car rushes to the windows to see a strange bunch of people walking by, one of which is Meghan!!; Back to Dean and Deluca, Ben is leaving and the nasty blonde woman comes in saying she wanted to invite him to the catered affair she was so rude with him over; Meanwhile over at Noel's apartment, he and Ruby chat it up about various computer software programs and before we know it they are kissing and going at it on the apartment floor; Cut back to the subway it has now been five and a half hours underground and everyone is screaming when suddenly an older gentleman stands up and silences the crowd as he makes his way towards Felicity and Julie; In about a two minute speech he tells them he doesn't believe they were ever "best" friends at all, that you don't just "get" best friends, they "become"...and that one of two things will happen: the two will part ways and become memories, or they will work this out and become the friends they thought they were; Finally the train gets to it's destination and Felicity and Julie emerge above ground; Felicity asks Julie if she wants to go get coffee, Julie says no, and they part ways; It is now the next day and Ruby comes into Felicity's room to talk about how cute Noel is and how grateful she is that Felicity was late coming to the museum; At the posh catered affair Ben appears in a suit, talking to the nasty blond woman on a couch; In the final scene of the episode at the museum we see Felicity looking at a photograph; Out of nowhere Julie walks in and says that the song she wrote was really mean and that she's not going to play the song anymore; Felicity thanks her; The two girls stand admiring the painting in front of them, complimenting in agreement quietly as the episode ends.