Season 1 Episode 3

The Last Stand

Aired Unknown Oct 06, 1998 on The WB
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Felicity is worried when she learns that her parents are still in NY, trying to convince her to move to Stanford, so with some help from Noel, she decides to convince them how this is a good change for her, she's becoming independent. Julie tries to avoid Ben out of loyalty to Felicity. Noel tries to calm a student, whose roommate has been talking in his sleep about killing him.moreless

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  • In this episode we see the story will continue to open up...and becoming more interesting.

    This episode gives you more of an insight on who Felicity actually is... We can see that this series started with Felicity making a decision that her family never expected her to make.

    She went to college for Ben in New York which in my opinion was a wrong decision...but the fact that she stayed altough it was a bit difficult she stayed, she's got guts for that!

    I really like Felicity's dorm R.A. He is cute and has got what seems a good heart :). Julie is a really good friend that altough she got together with Ben she never says anything when Felicity wants to invite him along with them.

    I really didn't like the way her parents reacted when they came to see her and wanted her to attend the college they wanted. Her mum and dad took it really badly. But it was cool how her mum went to her dorm to speak to her...moreless
  • God.. I feel all grown up..

    Julie: (about her adoptive parents) What they don't know. What I haven't told anyone...Is that I found out my birth mom's name last year and she lives in New York.

    Felicity: Is...I mean that's not why you came here.

    Julie: They'd be really hurt if they found out.

    Felicity: I won't say anything.

    Julie: I know.

    Felicity: God,I feel all grown up.

    Julie: Me too. I love the hole scene between Felicity and Julie, thier talk about parents and real reasons for coming to NY....in fact i love the whole episode.. Now you can know the reaction of Felicity's parents about her move to New York. We know more about Julie and why did she come to New York.

    We know more about Noel character,how he's really a good advisor, how he stop thinking about his feelings to Felicity and start to advice her and help her too.

    It's really well writtien episode. It's perfectly countain the great pilot episode with a real development for the character and more depth to the storyline. which make you'd really attracting to live with the characters-all of them- for the collage life.. Grown up life..moreless
  • A solid follow up to an amazing Pilot deals with Felicity having to explain her reasons for moving to NY.

    Mr and Mrs Porter: They really didn't do a good job of being parents during this episode. Sure it was understandable why they would be upset about her decision but the way they handled themselves in this episode was really terrible. Mrs Porter was so confused that she mistook Felicity's reasons for leaving and stubbornly refused to hear Felicity's explanation. Mr Porter on the other hand tried to bribe his daughter with a car. That was pretty insulting. They did redeem themselves in the end. Mrs Porter could have returned to Palo Alto angry, but she sucked up her pride and realized what her daughter meant and she made a point to praise her bravery. Mr Porter also decided that the important thing was that his daughter was going to college and that he didn't work this hard not to pay for her school.

    Felicity: Gotta give her props. Throughout this episode her self-esteem was being challenged. She found out that her parents didn't have any confidence in her. She came pretty close to packing it all in. But she stuck to her guns and it paid off. She got her parents to see things her way. Also at this point her infatuation with Ben led a pretty awkward moment when she thought that he was trying to access her student essay which resulted in her sending it to him and then later finding out it wasn't him but her Dad who wanted to see it. It worked out though because it gave Ben more insight to Felicity's reason for coming in the first place.

    Julie: She was put in a tough situation early in the friendship as Ben tried to pursue her. But she put Felicity's feelings ahead of her own and she started to avoid Ben. Although she should have been allowed to date whoever she wants, I can't really fault her for what she did. She's just made a new friend in Felicity and doesn't want to make any waves just yet. We also find out that she's in New York to find her birth parents. Dang... all I can say is that things are gonna get worse for her...

    Noel: Poor Noel. He's liked Felicity from the beginning and she knows it too! Still, he's a pretty good guy and he puts his feelings aside to try and convince her to stay because its the right thing to do. So far he's been Felicity's best friend in New York and a big part of the reason she stayed.

    Sally: A great idea for JJ Abrams to have Felicity "talk" to Sally via tape. It gives the audiences the chance to see what Felicity is really thinking and what she's really feeling.

    Overall a good episode. I'm glad that they wrapped up the whole parents-wondering-why-she-moved-here plotline. Otherwise it would have gotten old real fast. This way Felicity's character can move forward.moreless
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