Season 1 Episode 3

The Last Stand

Aired Unknown Oct 06, 1998 on The WB



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    • Noel: So you have no intention of buying knives?
      Lewis: (hesitates as he shiftily moves his eyes) No.
      Noel: Or killing your roommate?
      Lewis: (pauses longer with more shifty eye movement) No.
      Noel: I gotta be honest here, Lewis. I wish you were more convincing.

    • Julie: (about her adoptive parents) What they don't know. What I haven't told anyone... that I found out my birth mom's name last year and she lives in New York.
      Felicity: Is... I mean that's not why you came here.
      Julie: They'd be really hurt if they found out.
      Felicity: I won't say anything.
      Julie: I know.
      Felicity: God, I feel all grown up.
      Julie: Me too.

    • Felicity: Suddenly... it was the best hamburger.

    • Noel: I am so horrifyingly apologetic for that transgression.

    • Felicity: It's gonna be this horrible mediation attempt.

    • Felicity: Years from now, Ben will look back on college and remember Felicity Porter: as that obsessive girl with frizzy hair who not only followed him across country, but then just began randomly sending him information about herself, as if he'd ever asked for any.
      Noel: Well, if you can live with that, then you're okay.

    • Noel: I'm just finishing a really bad sentence.

    • Meghan: You think I'm weird? You're the one who wears Hush Puppies.

  • Notes

    • Featured Music:
      "Good Enough" by Sarah MacLachlan
      "Charlie Says" by Jude
      "She Will Have Her Way" by Neil FInn
      "Valley of Sound" by Heather Nova
      "No Mermaids" by Sinead Lohan
      "Displaced" Azure Ray
      "The Ghetto" performed by Donnie Hathaway

    • Tangi Miller is added to the opening credits as Elena Tyler, but she does not appear in this episode.

    • During the fourth season, guest star Robert Clendenin would have a recurring role as Mr. Norman, the guidance counselor.

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