Season 2 Episode 6

The Love Bug

Aired Unknown Nov 07, 1999 on The WB

Episode Recap

Felicity and Megan are holding another floor meeting for the freshman during which the issue of "illness during midterms" comes up. One of the students faints during the meeting and we have our first case of mononucleosis. Megan comes down with mono and Felicity is faced with finding another place to stay. Despite having been on several dates, David has not yet kissed Felicity. But he surprises her and comes through, offering his apartment as refuge from Megan's contamination. Ruby and Noel's relationship is progressing nicely and we are privy to several heavy kissing scenes. Ben isn't having quite as much luck with Maggie, who reveals she only wanted him for sex and their relationship has to come to an end after one more romp in her catering kitchen. Ben is upset, and clearly wants to maintain the relationship, but succumbs to her advances, they make out in the kitchen, and afterwards Maggie leaves him in the dust with his jaw hanging open. Felicity, Noel, Ruby, and David all go out for dinner at Epstein Barr. While David and Ruby are up at the bar, Noel and Felicity exchange loving glances, Noel brushes an eyelash from her cheek on which Felicity makes a wish, but nothing further happens between them. Ruby and Noel get up to smooch in the corner, during which Noel accidentally slips and says "Felicity." Ruby gets angry, realizing now that Noel and Felicity had once been a couple and neither of them had let her know, and storms out of the restaurant. David overhears the commotion, realizes what Felicity has been hiding from him as well, reveals that he hasn't kissed her because he was afraid to trust anyone again -- realizing just how little he can trust Felicity now, he too gets up to leave. Noel and Felicity are left sighing, admitting that despite still caring for one another they really wanted their new relationships to work out. After taking one of Megan's sneezes in the face, Felicity comes down with mono herself. Ruby decides to forgive Noel and that she doesn't care about his history with Felicity. Noel and Ruby start getting it on, during which she reveals she will be leaving for three weeks for an acting role in which she gets to kiss Tom Cruise. Felicity, fevered and wearing a surgeon's mask so as not to spread her germs, heads out to David's apartment to apologize for not revealing her past with Noel to him, and that if she weren't sick she would kiss him. David lowers her mask and kisses her despite her germy-ness, and the screen fades to black.