Season 4 Episode 18

Time Will Tell

Aired Unknown May 01, 2002 on The WB
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Felicity becomes distant and withdrawn after Elena dies in a car accident. She pulls away from Ben. On the day that she receives an invitation to Noel and Zoe's wedding, she catches Ben kissing a Claire, the couple's friend and study partner. She breaks up with him and calls Meghan, who urges her to come to New York immediately. Ben later arrives for the wedding and apologizes, but admits that he was seeing Claire for a month. Felicity tells Meghan that she wishes she had gotten together with Noel. Meghan casts a spell that sends Felicity back in time to the night that she slept with Noel. This time, she quickly confesses to Ben. He wants to forgive her and move on, but she turns him down because she is hurt by what he did to her in the future. Felicity approaches Noel and says that she wants a relationship. He initially becomes confused and pushes her away, much to her surprise. However, he later says that he wants to be with her, and is just afraid that she will reject him again. Felicity becomes unnerved by all of the events that change because of her decision to change the past (or present, or whatever it is). Ben falls into a state of despair and doubts his decision to take pre-med courses. Elena and Tracy argue about Felicity's indiscretion and call off their wedding a few days early. Because they don't make it to the altar, Sean and Meghan cannot get married in their place. Felicity asks Meghan to undo the spell, but Meghan proclaims that Felicity has lost her mind.moreless

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  • This is pretty much the episode that ruined an already lackluster season.

    Okay, so season 4 was pretty weak in my opinion, with only a few special episodes and moments to keep it interesting for me. If it weren't for the realistic spin of Lauren actually keeping the baby, season 4 would've been considered my fanfiction season. I think one of the main problems I found with this episode was how out of character every seemed, mainly Ben. Despite the fact that Felicity ignored him for a long time, Ben having an ongoing affair behind Felicity under any circumstances was just out of character. I think somewhere the writers forgot that we actually grow with these characters. It wasn't like Ben was an underdeveloped recurring guest star, but he was a character we eventually grew to know and they just ruined his character completely.

    Another thing issue I wasn't too fond of was the time travel situation. Sure, the show had a past of witchcraft, but it was all in opinions if you considered it the magic or not. But the only reason I didn't hold it against the writers was because there was honestly no other way around it. But I did, however, hate that Felicity hardly payed Elena any mind when she went back in time. Did the writers forget that Elena's death was the general basis of the Bencity outcome? Felicity just gave her a hug and went on to Noel, which I also found unrealistic.

    Felicity had relationships with many people in her past, why did she have to go forward to Noel? Noel was happy with Zoe and Zoe actually found happiness with him. It was a selfish act of her. It was also the writers way of saying Felicity NEEDED a man her life, which contradicts the entire aspect of the show(strong women). Choosing Noel wouldn't ease the heartbreak Felicity felt. Why did she have to go through all that when she simply could've just let Ben go? It ruined her character.

    I guess the good thing about the entire time travel arc is that since the characters were ruined and the supernatural aspect of the show took a whole new flight of craziness, it's easy to consider it all just uncanon to the show.moreless
  • Felicity finally has some courage! Finnaly a chance for Felicity and Noel. Is it the end for her and Ben? Hope so!

    This is the best episode so far (only 4 to go!). Felicity is all confused and scared, wanting to do the right thing..Meghan is entertained by the whole thing, I LOVE it. Ben is annoying me, like always and it's interesting that Felicity AGAIN doesn't want to hurt Ben or Noel, when she talks with her shrink. The same thing happened in past, only with Noel, when she didn't wanna lose him. Now it's her chance to have Noel and they're so much better than Ben and Felicity. I still have to see 4 more episodes, so please don't reveal anything in your feedback, which I appriciate so much!moreless
Erinn Bartlett

Erinn Bartlett


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Amy Aquino

Amy Aquino

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Sarah Jane Morris

Zoe Webb

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Robert Patrick Benedict

Robert Patrick Benedict

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    • (about Elena)
      Felicity: She's supposed to be dead!
      Meghan: Oh? Well, she's engaged, it's the same thing.

    • (Meghan is brewing revenge in her cauldron/stockpot)
      Felicity: So, what is this spell going to do to Ben?
      Meghan: It's a tripping spell... I just can't decide if I want him to trip down a flight of stairs or off a curb.
      Felicity: I guess I don't really want him to trip down a flight of stairs.
      Meghan: Curb it is.

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    • Featured Music:
      "Tell Yourself" by Natalie Merchant
      "Backwards World" by Josh Clayton-Felt
      "Consent" by The Devlins
      "St. Clare" by Suzanne Vega