Season 3 Episode 16

It's Raining Men


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Noel apologizes to Felicity and suggests that they forget about the kiss. Felicity believes that their friendship is a lie, as he has actually been pining for her the entire time. Ben and Felicity reaffirm their relationship. Javier is hospitalized after suffering chest pains. He must undergo observation for a few days as a precautionary measure, and asks Felicity to run Dean & DeLuca. Ben is the only employee willing to take on extra shifts, so she turns to a reluctant Noel for help. A broken steamer creates chaos in the shop. Sean and Meghan engage in their usual bickering during their counseling sessions. Meghan unwittingly touches a nerve as she accuses Sean of wasting his time chasing his dreams. Elena has a great time attending a karaoke night with DeForrest, but he again pushes her away.moreless
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Teen, finding mister right, college humor, ensemble cast, relationship woes